Apex Legends Mobile Loba's Soiree Event: Schedule, Challenges, Rewards, Open Frosted Supply Bins, More

Loba's Soiree has started in Apex Legends Mobile, a lucky draw event, there is plenty of good rewards including Legend and weapon skins. Here is everything you need to know.

Apex Legends Mobile Loba's Soiree
Loba's Soiree has kicked off in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

Since Apex Legends Mobile's global release players have had plenty of in-game events to tackle. The newest one, which celebrates the arrival of the latest Legend, Loba, is something a bit different - the first lucky draw.

Loba's Soiree will see players earn GPS chips through challenges, these GPS chips can then be traded far draws, with the price of each subsequent draw increasing in cost.

It is a format that will be familiar to many that have played Call of Duty: Mobile, but thankfully, in Apex Legends Mobile this event doesn't require spending any real-world money - just complete the challenges, collect the GPS, and draw!

Here is everything you need to know including all the rewards, challenges, and start and end dates!

Loba's Soiree - Start And End Dates

Loba's Soiree is now live having started at 12 am on Wednesday, June 22. The event is set to last eight days ending at midnight on Wednesday, June 30.

Loba's Soiree runs until June 30 in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

You can access the event, check out the challenges, and draw from the in-game event tab.

Loba's Soiree - All Challenges

There are five challenges in total in Loba's Soiree. Challenges reward you with one, two, or three GPS chips, there are also daily challenges that can be completed each day the event is active.

The challenges are:

  • Play 1 Battle Royale match (1 GPS)
  • Open 3 Frosted Supply Bins daily (2 GPS)
  • Loot 200 Diamonds daily (2 GPS)
  • Loot 1000 Diamonds (3 GPS)
  • Open 20 Frosted Supply Bins (3 GPS)

Now, these Frosted Supply Bins are a new addition in Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile and some people are having issues opening them. Thankfully, we have an explainer for these new loot crates below after we detail the rewards.

Loba's Soiree - All Rewards

There are eight rewards up for grabs in Loba's Soiree which include Diamonds, Flux, and in-game cosmetics. Once you earn a reward, it will be removed from the prize pool, giving you a greater chance of the rewards you have yet to snag.

Loba Game Master legend skin apex legends mobile
Players can get Loba's Game Master skin. | © Respawn Entertainment

The full list of rewards available are:

  • 30 Flux
  • 60 Flux
  • 2000 XP
  • 2000 Diamonds
  • 3000 Diamonds
  • Snow Queen (Avatar)
  • Skyrise (Mozambique weapon skin)
  • Game Master (Loba Legend skin)

Remember, each draw will increase in price, so make sure you are jumping in to complete your dailies to have the best chance of getting the higher tier rewads.

How Do You Open Frosted Supply Bins In Apex Legends Mobile?

Added in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, these Frosted Supply Bins are giving players some bother. They were added as part of the Winter Warfare playlist, the only currently available battle royale mode.

That is because these Frosted Supply Bins can only be accessed once the Climatizer is activated in your match, thawing the ice that sits on top of the Frosted Supply Bins and gaining you access. The Climatizer will turn on and off - at random - during a match.

Frosted Loot boxes Apex Legends mobile
Frosted loot boxes contain Diamonds and Snow Grenades. | © Respawn Entertainment

When the Climatizer is on, these Frosted Supply Crates will be marked with a purple icon on the in-game map.

Frosted Supply bins how to open
Frosted Supply Bins or Frosted loot boxes are marked with a purple icon when the Climatizer is on. | © Respawn Entertainment

Inside, you will find Frosted Grenades and Diamonds. The Diamonds are the new seasonal currency that can be exchanged for rare rewards (you can also steal them off players you have killed), while the Snow Grenades are a new munition that freezes players to the spot for a short time.

That is everything you need to know about Loba's Soiree.

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