Apex Legends Mobile Season 4: Release Date, Horizon, Olympus, Battle Pass, More

Season 4: Aspire is set to introduce offensive legend Horizon and the Olympus battle royale map to Apex Legends Mobile.

Horizon apex space
One of the game's most popular offensive legends is coming to Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

Having a troubling post-launch period, Apex Legends Mobile has managed to get itself back on track with Season 3: Champions and 3.5: Underworld introducing two popular legends and some much-needed quality-of-life changes like the map rotation system.

Now, the developers need to build on that, with the next chance to do that being the release of Season 4.

Not due out until next year, this update needs to deliver, especially as rival battle royale Warzone Mobile has started on its journey to a global release.

But fans of Apex Legends Mobile have reasons to be hopeful, as leaks have suggested that Season 4 will feature a map players have been calling for since the game's release.

If you want to learn more, including Season 4's release date, all the details are below.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 - Release Date

While Season 4 of Apex Legends Mobile was due to launch in the opening weeks of January, that has been pushed back, with the new season now expected to launch on February 15.

This isn't the first time a major update has missed its release date; the same situation occurred between Season 2.5 and Season 3, with the developers releasing the Aftershow battle pass to tide players over.

However, so no such mini-update was released this time around, leaving players waiting longer than they'd like for fresh content.

New Legend - Horizon

While not confirmed, several leaks have suggested that the next legend coming to the game will be Horizon.

Debuting in Season 7 of the mainline game, Horizon is an offensive legend and is considered one of the best in the game.

Horizon's abilities allow her to manipulate gravity, allowing her to move around the map, unlike any other legend.

Horizon Apex Legends Mobile
Horizon will come to Apex Legends Mobile in Season 4. | © Respawn Entertainment

Her tactical is Gravity Lift, which, when deployed on the ground, lifts any player who steps into it high into the air. Spacewalk, her passive, increases Horizon's in-air movement speed and decreases the movement delay experienced when falling from heights. Her ultimate ability, Black Hole, is a device that sucks nearby enemies and any surrounding grenades into its orbit.

New Map - Olympus

This map has been on everyone's mind after footage emerged several months ago from a China-only test build, which revealed that a version of the map was currently playable in Apex Legends Mobile.

However, two seasons have launched since, and still no Olympus, but thanks to LeakersOnDuty, who have discovered several files referencing the map, it looks like Season 4 will finally bring the map to the game.

Like Horizon, Olympus debuted in Season 7 of the mainline game.

Olympus Apex Legends Mobile 4
Olympus looks like it will finally arrive in Apex Legends Mobile Season 4. | © Respawn Entertainment

The brainchild of billionaire humanitarian Lillian Peck, Olympus was envisioned as a utopian city located in the skies above Pasathme. However, the Phase Runner technology housed in the city went rogue, destroying large parts of the city.

First abandoned by its inhabitants and then repurposed as a lavish tourist attraction, it now serves as a location for the Apex Games.

The map is known for its unique mechanics, a trait that looks to remain in Apex Mobile, with footage revealing a low-gravity elevator zone.

You have to say; it's a feature that ties in quite nicely with Horizon...

Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 - Battle Pass

Season 4 will have a new battle pass with plenty of rewards, whether you choose to purchase the premium pass or not.

Details about the battle pass have not been released, but we do know it is likely to go by the name 'Aspire'.

If it follows a similar pattern to previous battle passes, it will offer 50 tiers of rewards in both the free and premium tracks.

The Premium Battle Pass will cost 799 Syndicate Gold (approx. USD 7), while the Premium Battle Pass Plus is also available.

Costing 1599 Syndicate Gold(USD 15), the Premium Battle Pass Plus comes with exclusive rewards and instantly unlocks the first ten tiers of the battle pass. Battle Pass Plus owners also receive 80% battle pass XP bonus.

That's all we know about Apex Legends Mobile Season 4; we will update this page with more information as it becomes available.

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