Inferno Automobil Will Return To Asphalt 9 With New Car

Inferno Automobil will return to Asphalt 9 with a second car that we expect to be one powerful car! Here are all the details we know so far.

Asphalt 9 Inferno Automobile Gameloft new cars
The Inferno Automobil will return to Asphalt 9 with another car! | © Gameloft

The team who manufactured one of the very first hypercars in Mexico will be making a grand re-entrance into Asphalt 9! Inferno Automobil recently revealed in a social media post that they plan on surprising players with another one of their sleek cars. We previously saw them make their debut in the game with the Inferno Exotic Car. It absolutely tore the competition to shreds in head-to-head races, so the expectation for the new addition is high.

Gameloft Asphalt 9 Inferno Automobil
Inferno Automobil has confirmed the car's return to Asphalt 9! | © Inferno Automobil

That being said, they promise that players will be able to "go full-speed" through all the tracks in Asphalt 9. Gameloft hasn't officially announced Inferno Automobil's return to the game, so information is currently scarce. Regardless, let's try to answer some burning questions...

Which Inferno Automobil Car Will Come To Asphalt 9?

The short answer is: we don't know which new Inferno Automobil car will be added to Asphalt 9. Yes, information is scarce right now but our answer also has something to do with the under-the-radar persona that Inferno Automobil is known for.

Since they released the Inferno Exotic Car, the company has set an objective for itself:

The last 3 years we were working on re-inventing ourselves as a brand and creating our new designs working with and for the main collectors of cars. [...] Our objective is to present new designs.

Visiting their Instagram will only reveal the extent of their objective as they have consistently posted new car designs. The important thing to note is that these designs have no name and are not even confirmed as cars they produce. Not much is known about their current catalog of cars either. So with that in mind, the new car from Inferno Automobil is still shrouded in mystery.

The Return Of The Inferno Exotic Car

Asphalt 9 Inferno Automobil Inferno Gameloft Car
The first Inferno Automobil Inferno could only be obtained during its special Asphalt 9 event! | © Gameloft

If you paid attention to Inferno Automobil's social media post, they mentioned that the Inferno Exotic Car will be returning to Asphalt 9 in a special event. This calls back to when the car first debuted in the game with the Fight Fire with Fire and the Mexican Independence Day special events. We could potentially see the same challenges from these events return for the third time.

Here's a quick rundown for those wondering specs the Inferno Exotic Car is rocking. It is a high-end Class S car equipped with three fuel and a refill time of six hours. Needless to say, it's an extremely powerful car with incredible stats.

Here's a breakdown of the Inferno Exotic Car's stats:

Car Rank

Maximum Speed


1 star


2 star400.277.7949.5666.2
3 star40378.9850.7768.57
4 star405.880.2752.0770.96
5 star408.981.8453.6773.59

This car is definitely a car worth unlocking regardless of what challenges are present in the special event.

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