Brawl Stars April 2023 Balance Changes: Buffs, Nerfs & Reworks

Here's a look at all the buffs, nerfs, and reworks that were introduced in the April 2023 balance changes in Brawl Stars.

April2023 Brawl Stars balancechanges
New balance changes have arrived in Brawl Stars for the April update. | © Supercell

Season 18 is knocking on the door in Brawl Stars and the devs have a few things they need to set the record straight first. One of which is the ever-important balance changes.

As the new season will be bringing in two new brawlers - Maisie and Hank - to the game, several buffs, nerfs, and reworks have to be made to accommodate their arrival. Needless to say, there are some brawlers that need to be tinkered with to rebalance the meta.

That being said, we'll go over the April 2023 balance changes in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars April 2023 Balance Changes

R Tapril2023
R-T was the only brawler to receive a nerf in the April balance changes. | © Supercell

Only a handful of balance changes were introduced in the April update. The devs stated that they didn't want to shake up the meta too much, but promised that we can expect heavy-hitting ones later in Season 18.

Edgar and Shelly were buffed. Edgar saw an increase in his HP, while Shelly received a movement speed boost. R-T was nerfed in his HP and attacking abilities. Besides all this, Meg was given a much-needed rework to her Super and how she plays during matches.

Here's a look at the balance changes in detail:

BrawlerBalance Change(s)
  • Base HP increased from 2,800 → 3,000.
  • Now starts in Mecha Suit.
  • Mecha Suit has lower HP and damage.
  • Mecha Suit no longer decays in HP.
  • Mecha Suit no longer takes reduced healing.
  • Mecha Suit Super charges from damage rather than over time.
  • Base HP decreased from 4,100 → 3,900.
  • Time between attacks in split form increased from 250 ms → 500 ms.
  • Movement speed increased from 720 → 820 (normal → very fast).

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