Brawl Stars Championship 2023: Teams, Schedule, Prizes, Map Pool, More

Brawl Stars' biggest esports competition, the Brawl Stars Championship, promises to be a phenomenal spectacle in 2023. Here are all the details about it.

Brawl Stars World Championship2023 Banner
Here's a complete guide to the Brawl Stars Championship 2023. | © Supercell

The fifth installment of Supercell's annual Brawl Stars esports competition, the Brawl Stars Championship, will be bigger and better in 2023. The previous iterations have demonstrated the game's growing, vibrant, and international community, so the upcoming tournament will take it up a notch with a slew of important changes. These range from the qualification process, to the rules, and to the prize pool, and more.

It will be a year in the making before we finally discover who will be crowned the World Champions for 2023, but it doesn't mean we can't get a headstart on what we can expect from this blockbuster competition. Let's walk through all the details about the Brawl Stars Championship 2023 and all of its new additions.

Brawl Stars Championship 2023 - Schedule

Brawl Stars Championship2023 Schedule
The schedule for the opening month of the Brawl Stars Championship 2023 has been revealed. | © Supercell

The preliminary rounds of the Brawl Stars Championship will begin in February 2023. Though the entire schedule of the year-long event has not been revealed, we have an idea of the schedule in the opening month:

  • February 3 - 5: Championship Challenge
  • February 11 - 12: Monthly Qualifier
  • February 25 - 26: Monthly Finals

Brawl Stars Championship 2023 - Teams

Brawl Stars Championship2023 Teams
Twelve teams will be participating in the Brawl Stars World Finals in 2023. | © Supercell

After the qualifying matches have been completed, the 12 most successful teams will participate in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2023. At the moment, no teams have officially qualified for it.

This is how the teams will be decided:

  • 8 teams will join from the regular Brawl Stars Championship tournaments. These will include grassroots as well as Supercell-organized competitions.
  • 4 teams will join from the 'Last Chance Qualifiers'. The runners-up from each region will compete for one of these four final spots.

A new rule has been added to 2023's iteration of the Brawl Stars Championship: Tagging out. This allows teams to swap players in their roster between matches.

Brawl Stars Championship 2023 - New Sub-Regions

Brawl Stars Championship2023 Sub Regions
New sub-regions have been added to the Brawl Stars Championship in 2023. | © Supercell

Several new sub-regions have been added to the already existing regions in the Brawl Stars Championship. Here's a look at these new regions:

  • Singapore and India in Southeast and South Asia
  • East and West South America
  • East and West North America

Brawl Stars Championship 2023 - Prize Money

Brawl Stars Championship2023 Prizes
The prize pool for 2023 has been increased. | © Supercell

The prize money for the Brawl Stars Championship monthly finals has increased. The amounts will vary for each of them.

Besides this, the prize pool money for the World Finals has increased to USD $750,000. This is a massive increase to the prize pool which was only USD $500,000 in 2022.

Brawl Stars Championship 2023 - Map Pool

Brawl Stars Champions2023 Map Pools
Here are the map pools for the Brawl Stars Championship 2023. | © Supercell

The map pool for the six game modes that will be played in the Brawl Stars Championship 2023 qualifying rounds have been revealed. These are:

  • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Layer Cake
  • Brawl Ball: Super Beach, Pinhole Punt, Sneaky Fields
  • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Double Swoosh, Crystal Arcade
  • Heist: Pit Stop, Safe Zone, Bridge Too Far
  • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Dueling Beetles, Open Zone
  • Knockout: Goldarm Gulch, Out in the Open, Belle’s Rock

If you're interested in reading all the finer details, you can check out the Brawl Star Championship 2023 rulebook. You can also follow all the latest news from the tournament on Twitter.

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