Penny Could Be Removed From Brawl Stars After Cryptic New Message

A puzzling new comic strip tweeted by Supercell has raised questions about Penny's future in Brawl Stars. What will happen to one of the most infamous Brawlers? Let's find out...

Penny Brawl Stars Brawlers Supercell
What's in store for Penny? | © Supercell

Are sandier shores calling this pirate? Supercell recently released a Brawl Stars comic strip which appears to announce a massive change coming for Penny. The Brawl Stars community have been gone into a mad frenzy and have started predicting about the possible scenarios in which Penny could find herself in the game - one of which would be her removal from the game entirely.

Let's cut through all the noise and find out what's really happening here...

Penny's Message In A Bottle...

Supercell sure knows how to pick a place for a cryptic comic strip. Twitter is arguably the the best for announcements like this. If you haven't see yet, this is the message in question:

It basically shows Penny, Darryl, and Tick minding their own business at sea. Suddenly, Penny finds a message in a bottle that contains a treasure map that spurs her, as it would any pirate, to go on a journey for the booty. She leaves behind the other Brawlers behind - who are indifferent by her rash decision.

Will Penny Be Removed From The Game?

This is not the first time Supercell has released a mysterious announcement for one of their games. If you're a Clash of Clans player, you'll recall that the devs dropped a string of videos on their YouTube channel about staple troops like Barbarians and Wizards wondering about what's beyond their village shores. This was simply an announcement for the new Builder Base game mode.

We could be facing a similar situation with Penny in Brawl Stars. A large majority of people seem to think that she will be removed from the game due to inability to compete with certain Brawlers. But we think otherwise. So, that's a no from us about Penny being deleted from the game.

What Will The Future Hold?

A rework or a remodel would be a more likely outcome. Maybe on her adventure, she finds treasure that transforms her into a better Brawler or alters her appearance.

Another outcome is that Penny could be making a cameo in other Supercell games. Besides Brawl Stars, there's Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and the new Clash Quest game the devs are currently testing in several countries. Plenty of games for a cheeky appearance. Either way, we believe that Penny has a future in Brawl Stars and that she's going nowhere - at least for a long period of time while she's on her adventure.

But if we're completely wrong and Penny is removed, check out our Brawler tier lists to see which Brawler could be a good replacement for her: