All Gears In Brawl Stars Explained

Gears are still a relatively new game mechanic in Brawl Stars. Today, we'll be looking at them and the passive bonuses they reward Brawlers!

Gears Brawl Stars
Gears offer incredible passive bonuses in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

If you didn't know, Gears are passive bonuses that players can craft using Scrap and Gear Tokens that can boost your Brawler's stats. There are 2 Gear Slots available per Brawler. One Gear slot will be unlocked at Power Level 10 while the other will be unlocked at Power Level 11.

Once a Gear is crafted, it becomes permanently bound to the Brawler. So plan carefully before crafting a Gear for that one Brawler. Now that the basics are out of the way, let's head to how you can craft Gears!

How To Craft Gears In Brawl Stars

Gears Brawl Stars H Ow
Here is how you can get Gears in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Gears have a total of three levels. Climbing up levels will grant you stronger passive bonuses. Here's what you need to get a Gear and upgrade them:

  • Level 1 Gear: 1 Gear Token + 40 Scrap
  • Level 2 Gear: 1 Gear Token + 100 Scrap
  • Level 3 Gear: 2 Gear Tokens + 200 Scrap

Scrap and Gear Tokens can be obtained by opening Brawl Boxes. They can also be found in offers from the Regular Shop and the Club Shop.

Gear Types In Brawl Stars

There are five main Gears in Brawl Stars: Damage, Heal, Shield, Speed, and Vision. Let's take a closer look at them and their respective bonuses.

Damage Gear

Damage Gears
Get a damage boost with the Damage Gear! | © Supercell

Brawlers equipped with the Damage Gear will deal extra damage when their health is below 50%. This Gear does not affect spawnables like Nita's bear, Penny's turret, or Jessie's turret.

The Damage Gear bonuses are as follows:

  • Level 1: 10% damage increase
  • Level 2: 15% damage increase
  • Level 3: 20% damage increase

Health Gear

Heal Gears
Recover health faster with the Health Gear! | © Supercell

Brawlers equipped with the Health Gear will recover Health faster (even when stationary). This will be added on top of their auto-regeneration.

The Health Gear bonuses are as follows:

  • Level 1: 30% healing increase
  • Level 2: 40% healing increase
  • Level 3: 50% healing increase

Shield Gear

Shield Gears
Get extra health with the Shield Gear! | © Supercell

Brawlers equipped with the Shield Gear will receive extra health as a consumable shield. The shield spawns at maximum health and will regenerate 10% of its max health per second (for a total of 10 seconds) when the Brawler is at maximum health.

The Shield Gear bonuses are as follows:

  • Level 1: 300 health
  • Level 2: 450 health
  • Level 3: 600 health

Speed Gear

Speed Gears
Get a boost in movement with the Speed Gear! | © Supercell

Brawlers equipped with the Speed Gear will get a movement speed boost while inside a bush. The speed boost will be removed shortly after leaving the bush.

The Speed Gear bonuses are as follows:

  • Level 1: 10% speed increase
  • Level 2: 15% speed increase
  • Level 3: 20% speed increase

Vision Gear

Vision Gear Brawl Stars
Reveal opponents with the Vision Gear in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Brawlers equipped with the Vision Gear will be able to briefly reveal opponents after dealing damage to them. This includes opponents who hide in bushes.

The Vision Gear bonuses are as follows:

  • Level 1: 1 second
  • Level 2: 1.5 seconds
  • Level 3: 2 seconds

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