Week 4 Snapdragon Pro Series Brawl Stars Season 1 NA: Results, Standings, Highlights

We're going to be taking a look at all the final match results and highlights from week four of the Snapdragon Pro Series Brawl Stars Season 1 North America!

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Here are the results of Week 4 of the Snapdragon Pro Series Brawl Stars Season 1 NA! | © ESL / Snapdragon

The final matches of the Snapdragon Pro Series Brawl Stars Season 1 North America was played in week four on August 10, 2022. We saw an exciting conclusion after four weeks of high-octane action, new strategies, and upsets.

Here are the match results, highlights, final standings, and the teams that will advance to the Snapdragon Pro Series finals in Seattle this year!

Week Four Matches And Results

Seven matches were played during the final week. These were the matches and their respective results:

Tribe Gaming NA vs. The Real Ones3:0
Vatra Gaming vs. West Coast3:2
STMN esports vs Vanguard Gaming3:0

Tribe Gaming NA vs. Chasmac Gaming


West Coast vs. STMN esports3:2
Vanguard Gaming vs. Reconic Esports NA3:0
The Real Ones vs. Vatra Gaming0:3

Week Four Highlights

Three moments truly encapsulated all the chaotic gameplay we've experienced throughout the four weeks of the tournament.

Starting us off is this amazing reverse sweep from Tribe Gaming NA to make a comeback after they were 2-1 down against Chasmac Gaming in the overall score to win 3-2 after this miraculous play in Gem Grab.

What's better than one reverse sweep in the tournament? How about TWO? Vatra Gaming also performed their own rendition of a reverse sweep to knock out West Coast 3-2 after an amazing Knockout performance.

Finally, there was this absolutely mind-boggling play that Vanguard Gaming pulled off against Reconic Esports NA in Brawl Ball. You'll have to see it to believe it!

Want more highlights? You can check out the top five plays from the final week of matches on the Snapdragon Pro Series YouTube channel too.

Final Standings

These are the final rankings after the last round of matches:

Team NameMatches PlayedPointsWins/LossesScore Difference
Tribe Gaming NA7186/119:9
Vanguard Gaming7155/217:11

Vatra Gaming

West Coast7124/317:14
STMN esports7124/317:11
Chasmac Gaming7



Reconic Esports NA731/68:18
The Real Ones700/77:24

Tribe Gaming NA comes out on top of the standings with an incredible eighteen points after only picking up one loss. Vanguard Gaming and Vatra Gaming share second place with fifteen points a piece.

What Happens Next?

Challenge Leaderboard Brawl Stars
These are the four teams that have qualified for the Challenge Finals! | © ESL / Snapdragon

The four upper teams in the final standings of the Snapdragon Pro Series Stars Season 1 NA will advance to the Snapdragon Pro Series finals at PAX Seattle on September 3, 2022!

These teams are Tribe Gaming NA, Vanguard Gaming, Vatra Gaming, and West Coast.

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