STRUT Esports Win The Snapdragon Mobile Challenge Clash of Clans Golden Ticket Finals 2022

STRUT esports have won one of the Golden Tickets that will see them participate in the Clash of Clans World Championship 2022! Let's take a look at their journey to victory!

Strut Gaming Winners Clash
STRUT esports are your winners of the final Golden Ticket for the Clash of Clans World Championship 2022! | © ESL / Snapdragon

STRUT esports are your winners of the Snapdragon Pro Series Clash of Clans Golden Ticket Finals 2022! They win a Golden Ticket and join three other teams who have qualified for Supercell's Clash of Clans World Championship 2022 World Finals through community-organized tournaments. These teams are X Team E-Sport, M.S Esports, and Tribe Gaming. The World Finals will be held in Helsinki, Finland in September 2022.

Here's a snapshot of how STRUT esports climbed their way to the very top of the Snapdragon Pro Series Clash of Clans Golden Ticket Finals.

Golden Ticket Finals Match Results

Only three matches were played in the Snapdragon Pro Series Clash of Clans Golden Ticket Finals: two semi-final matches followed up by a best-of-three grand final. These were the results of the matches:

  • (Semi-Final) STRUT esports vs. BADZINGER: 1-0
  • (Semi-Final) Marcos Gaming vs. War and Glory: 1-0
  • (Grand Final) STRUT esports vs. Marcos Gaming: 2-1

Match Highlights

Each match had its ups and downs. We'll show the best highlight from each of the three matches!

Semi-Final: STRUT esports vs. BADZINGER Match Highlight

In round one of the semi-finals, STRUT Esports' JoJo23 pulled off an amazing Lava Hound and Balloon assault on Badzinger's Demo.

STRUT esports continued their amazing form for a near flawless run to collect an impressive fourteen out of fifteen stars in all of their matches. Unfortunately, after a run of bad attacks, BADZINGER was only able to rack up twelve out of fifteen stars. That saw STRUT esports cruise to the grand final.

Semi-Final: Marcos Gaming vs. War And Glory Highlight

War and Glory's Agent 33 match is the perfect summary of the team's experience in the second semi-final match. They were so close to claiming three stars in most of their matches. Some last-minute heroics from Marcos Gaming's defenses and time limits stood in their way of attaining that.

Marcos Gaming won thirteen out of fifteen stars. This triumphed over the twelve stars that War and Glory earned in their five attacks.

Grand Final: STRUT esports vs. Marcos Gaming

The game that basically settled the final was the fourth attack from Marcos Gaming. Marcos' Eleven planned a LavaLoon attack against STRUT's TryHard. Time wasn't on his side as his Champions were stuck between layers of walls. This meant that he couldn't get all three stars from the attack.

This failed attack had left STRUT esports with a huge two-star advantage over Marcos Gaming as they went into the final game of the deciding round in the Grand Final. Such a lead could only result in STRUT esports winning the grand finals - and they did 2-1.

What Happens Next?

Clash Finals Banner
We're heading to the grand finals in September! | © Supercell

X Team E-Sport, M.S Esports, Tribe Gaming, and now STRUT esports will be heading to Helsinki, Finland as the first four of eight total teams to qualify for the World Finals. Out of the eight teams, only one will be crowned the Clash of Clans World Champions for 2022!

The remaining four teams to join them will be decided by the Championship Qualifiers that will be held between August 10 to September 10, 2022. After that, we will head to the World Finals which will take place between September 23 and September 25, 2022.

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