Clash Of Clans: Guide To Clan War League

Clan War League takes the fun of inter-clan war to a whole new level. However, understanding the format, rules, and rewards may be tricky sometimes. We'll help you by explaining all that in this guide!

Clan War Leagues Clashof Clans
Who will come out on top in Clan War Leagues? | © Supercell

Introduced in 2018, Clan War League elevated the competitive aspect of Clan Wars in Clash of Clans. Clans will battle it out against one another every month in spirited battles held over a week. The prize? Amazing rewards and bragging rights. Prizes like these keep clans hungry for more success with each passing month. It fuels the fire that keeps them motivated to climb higher up the league rankings.

However, all that fuss and commitment won't make any sense to you if you don't understand how Clan War League works in Clash of Clans, would it? So, we've prepared a guide to help you navigate your way through the rules, format, and rewards!

Clan War League Sign-Up Period

When a new Clan War League Season is about to start, the sign-up period begins. Sign-up periods usually begin on the first day of each month. Clan leaders or co-leaders will have two days to finalize their roster of clan members before they can enter the War League matchmaking.

You will be able to tell when the Clan War League sign-up period is open by taking note of the Clan War button. It will change into the Clan War Leagues button when a Clan War Leagues season begins. Here's what it looks like:

Clan War Button Clashof Clans
If you see this button, that means your clan can sign up for Clan War League!| © Supercell

Keep in mind that when the sign-up period is open, clans may no longer engage in normal Clan Wars.

Clan War League Rules

With any game mode in Clash of Clans, certain rules dictate the gameplay. Here are the rules for the Clan War League:

  • All clan members are, by default, included in the participation roster for the Clan War League. This roster comprises all the eligible clan members who can participate in the Wars during the Clan War League period. They are also the only members who can claim the rewards from Clan War League.
  • Clans can choose from two Clan War League sizes: 15vs15 and 30vs30. If a clan has more members than these amounts, clan leaders and co-leaders will have to pick the members that will participate in the War League.
  • However, in Champion League, 15vs15 is the default War size.
  • War size will not have any effect on the clan's league position. If clans switch War sizes between seasons, they will continue from the League they reached regardless of which war size they played previously.

Clan War League Format

Clan War League is a season-based league structure for Clan Wars. Once every month, clans will participate in week-long seasons, during which they fight other clans of similar skill levels.

After a clan has successfully signed up, they will be placed in a group with seven other clans in the same league as the clan. Following this, the War League will begin. These battles are structured in a round-robin format with Wars taking place on each day of the week.

Promotion Clan War Clashof Clans
This is a preview of how cans will be ranked in War Leagues! | © Supercell

Once the Clan War League ends, the best-performing clans in the group of eight will be promoted to a higher League. Rankings will ultimately depend on how many Stars a clan has earned during the War League week. If clans are tied for Stars, the destruction percentage will be the tie-breaker.

The Clan War Leagues are, in ascending order, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Master, and Champion league. Note that there are three divisions within each League.

You will be able to tell the fate of your clan in Clan War Leagues by looking at the arrow next to your clan's ranking. Let's explain them:

  • Green Arrow: Indicates that your clan will be promoted.
  • Red Arrow: Indicates that your clan be demoted
  • Grey Line: Indicates that your clan will remain in the same league (neither promoted nor demoted)

Clan War League Rewards

Rewards Breakdown Clashof Clans
This is an example of the breakdown of the League Medals across placements! | © Supercell

At the end of every Clan War League season, rewards will be distributed in the form of League Medals. They are an in-game currency similar to gems. The amount of League Medals you earn will depend on which league your clan is currently in and where your clan ranked in your group.

Needless to say, the higher the league and the higher the placement means more League Medals distributed to clan members.

Clan leaders can also reward bonus League Medals to members who participated in the War League. The size of the bonus in addition to the number of people that these bonuses can be given to depends on the clan's league during War Week. For every War that the clan wins, an additional person can be given bonus League Medals.

Clan War Medals Clashof Clans
This is what you can buy with your League Medals! | © Supercell

What can you buy with your League Medals? You can purchase in-game items and resources from the League Shop using your League Medals. Here are all the items and their respective costs:

  • 2.5 million Gold: 25 League Medals
  • 2.5 million Elixir: 25 League Medals
  • Training Potion: 10 League Medals
  • Resource Potion: 10 League Medals
  • Research Potion: 20 League Medals
  • Builder Potion: 30 League Medals
  • 10 Wall Rings: 50 League Medals
  • Hammer of Fighting: 120 League Medals
  • Hammer of Building: 120 League Medals
  • Hammer of Spells: 120 League Medals
  • Hammer of Heroes: 120 League Medals
  • The Warrior Statue: 100 League Medals
  • The Challenger Statue (unlocks at Gold League 1): 250 League Medals
  • The Contender Statue (unlocks at Crystal League 1): 500 League Medals
  • The Master Statue (unlocks at Master League 1): 1,000 League Medals
  • The Champion Statue (unlocks at Champion League 1): 2,000 League Medals

Players can only keep up to 2,500 League Medals, so spend those medals wisely! Besides this, the rules of regular Clan Wars are applied with rewards concerning Gold, Elixir, and Drak Elixir.

That's all we have for our guide. Read more about Clan War Leagues from the official Clash of Clans site here!

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