New Update In Clash Of Clans Makes Troop Training Free

In the Home Village Changes update, Clash of Clans will make Troop Training free. That's right - all costs needed to upgrade your army are gone! Here are all the details you need to know about this update.

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Troop training goes free in the latest Clash of Clans. | © Supercell

Clashers rejoice! The latest update in Clash of Clans from the Supercell team will make Troop Training cost-free! Gone are the times when you have to save up your Elixir to build your massive armies and say au revoir double-checking that each Village you raid has enough Elixir to cover the costs of the army you used.

The future of army experimentation is here! Let's go over the details from the Home Village Changes update in Clash of Clans.

Zero Cost Training In Clash Of Clans

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Say goodbye to having to pay for Troops! | © Supercell

The newest update has seen a massive change in training Troops. Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir costs for Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines will be removed. So now Troop Training is essentially FREE. This is a similar mechanic that can be found in the Builder Base. The devs describe this change as necessary to create better Troop experimentation amongst players but this is it in full:

We want players to try new strategies and tactics without the worry of spending resources when you’re unsure if that strategy or Army build will even work. In order to allow players to experiment with wild new tactics, removing training costs will grant you greater freedom to try out those zany ideas you’ve been concocting!

Besides this, there have some minor clarifications to certain game mechanics that needed to be altered to reflect this change:

  • Army training time and housing space requirements are still present.
  • The Training Boost perk from the Season Challenges will now only affect training time.
  • Players will no longer receive returned resources when donating to a Clanmate.
  • Donation Refunds from Clan perks have been removed.
  • Events will no longer discount training for Troops or Spells.
  • Elixir loot in Legend League has been reduced to match Gold loot.
  • Remove All Function added to Army Training (replacing the tedious individual removal process)

Additional Scenery Changes

A slew of Scenery changes have come to Clash of Clans. Here they are:

  • Shadow Scenery has new custom ambient sound and music.
  • Clan Capital Airship and Forge positions and brightness have been adjusted for the Shadow Scenery.
  • Clan Capital Airship and Forge positions have been adjusted for the Epic Jungle Scenery.
  • Builder Base Boat and Ship positions have been adjusted for the Epic Jungle Scenery.
  • Capital Airship and Forge positions have been adjusted for the Tiger Mountain Scenery.
  • Builder Base Boat and Ship positions have been adjusted for the Tiger Mountain Scenery.
  • Tiger Mountain Scenery camera bounds have been adjusted so more of the Scenery is visible.
  • Pumpkin Graveyard Scenery now uses the Halloween ambient sound and music.
  • Snow Day Scenery now uses the Winter ambient sound and music.
  • Epic Winter Scenery now uses the Winter ambient sound and music.

Additional Game Changes And Bug Fixes

As always with any game update, there will be some minor bug fixes and errors that the Supercell team will remedy. These are:

  • Invisibility Spell will now apply its effects immediately to spawned and units created by Clone Spell when spawned inside an active Invisibility Spell area.
  • Legend League loot for players below Town Hall level 11 has been increased.
  • Fixed reinforcement issue which happened when trying to use reinforcements for partially filled Clan Castles while the previous CC request was still open.
  • Fixed a reinforcement bug that happened when opening the reinforcement screen while having low Troops in the Clan Castle after doing a partial donation for max level Troops.
  • Allow Zap Trap to hits units that are within 2x the trigger radius, like Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines.
  • Fixed an issue with ground unit targeting, primarily with Flame Flinger, that prevented it from targeting the closest Building.
  • Stop Battle Builders from attempting to target Forge and running to the top corner when defending while Builders were Forge crafting.
  • Fixed Builders sleeping while assigned to the Forge or while upgrading his own Builder Hut.
  • Fixed a UI issue when opening your Clan view from the War Map causing the Raid Log button to display instead of the War Log button.
  • Added changes to water rendering to add subtle wave effects.
  • Reduce the retargeting delay when entering Jump Spell and when Hidden Tesla pops up in front of troops.
  • Fixed Siege Machine capacity icon in info screens.
  • Fixed an issue where going to visit last raid weekend attacking/defending raid with the same clan as the current raid clan and going straight to attack would go back to the wrong map

That's all the details of the big Home Village Changes update. Be sure to check out the latest Clash of Clans news and guides here: