All Clash Royale Cards: Costs, Rarity, Card Type, Abilities

Cards are at the heart of Clash Royale. We'll give you a rundown of all the available cards in the game at the moment.

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Here's a look at all the cards in Clash Royale. | © Supercell

Since its launch, Clash Royale has taken the card battler game genre and spun it on its head. Rather than stagnant over-the-board action, cards in this game transform into troops, spells, or buildings that can be deployed in the Arena to battle it out with cards from your opponent.

Assemble your best deck of cards and you'll win matches. But that's only possible if you know what cards are available in Clash Royale. To help you with that, we've compiled a list of all the cards you can choose from, their Elixir costs, rarity type, and abilities.

All Clash Royale Cards

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There are various cards in Clash Royale. | © Supercell

Needless to say, there are various different types of cards in Clash Royale. If you're looking to learn more about them, then look no further than the table below:

CardElixir CostRarityDescription
Archers3CommonTwo low-HP ranged troops

Archer Queen

5ChampionA fast-moving high-HP ranged troop that comes with a special ability. It allows her to turn invisible and conceal herself from damage
Arrows3CommonA spell that deals low area damage
Baby Dragon4EpicAn average-HP flying toop that can deal area damage
Balloon5EpicA flying troop that targets buildings
Bandit3LegendaryA high-HP melee troop capable of dashing to targets and dealing massive damage
Barbarian5CommonFive average-HP melee troops
Barbarian Barrel2EpicA spell that launches a barrel down a straight patch. It then breaks open to spawn a Barbarian
Barbarian Hut6RareAn offensive building that spawns Barbarians
Battle Healer4RareA high-HP melee troop that heals herself and allies with each attack. Capable of passively healing herself too
Battle Ram4RareTwo Barbarians holding a log who targets buildings. Once the log is destroyed, the barbarians will continue attacking
Bats2CommonFive low-HP flying troops that deal melee damage
Bomber2CommonA low-HP ranged troop that deals area damage
Bomb Tower4RareA defensive building that deals splash damage to enemies. Once destroyed, it deals massive explosive damage to those around it
Bowler5EpicA high-HP ranged troop who throws rolling boulders
Cannon3CommonAn average-HP defensive building that shoots cannonballs at enemies
Cannon Cart5EpicA high-HP ranged troop capable of becoming an immobile cannon upon death

A spell that duplicates all friendly troop in a target area. Duplicated troops are weaker but deal the same damage

Dark Prince4EpicA high-HP melee troop capable of charging and dealing area damage
Dart Goblin3RareA fast-moving low-HP troop that deals fast ranged damage
Earthquake3RareA damage-dealing spell that does more damage to buildings
Electro Dragon5EpicA average-HP flying troop that deals ranged electrical damage that can jump between enemies
Electro Giant7EpicAn extremely high-HP melee troop that targets buildings. It comes with an electrical pack that deals ranged damage to those around the Electro Giant

Electro Spirit

1CommonA low-HP troop that throws itself onto enemies to deal electrical damage
Electro Wizard4LegendaryAn average-HP troop who lands in the Arena (dealing area damage) and is capable of shooting lighting that damages and stuns enemies
Elite Barbarians6CommonTwo average-HP melee troops that deal greater damage than Barbarians
Elixir Collector6RareA utility building that creates Elixir
Elixir Golem3RareA high-HP melee troop capable of splitting into weaker versions of itself upon death. It targets buildings
Executioner5EpicA high-HP ranged troop that throws an axe like a boomerang to deal enemies
Fireball4RareA spell that deals devastating area damage
Firecracker3CommonA low-HP ranged troop that deals explosive area damage
Fire Spirit1CommonA low-HP troop that throws itself onto enemies to deal fire damage
Fisherman3LegendaryA high-HP melee troop capable of pulling enemies towards him with his ranged attack
Flying Machine4RareA low-HP fast flying ranged troop
Freeze4EpicA spell that freezes and damages enemy troops and buildings
Furnace4RareA building that spawns Fire Spirits


A single melee high-HP troop that targets buildings

Giant Skeleton6EpicAn slow but extremely high-HP Giant Skeleton capable of dealing explosive area damage on death
Giant Snowball2CommonA spell that launches a snowball to deal damage, knock back, and slow enemies in a small area
Goblins2CommonFour fast low-HP melee troops
Goblin Barrel3Epic

A spell that launches a barrel anywhere on the Arena. It spawns three Goblins upon landing

Goblin Cage4RareA defensive building that spawn a tanky Goblin Brawler upon its destruction
Goblin Drill4EpicAn offensive building capable of burrowing underground to its target. It spawns Goblins until it is destroyed
Goblin Hut5RareA building that spawns Spear Goblins
Goblin Gang


CommonSix low-HP troops (three melee and three ranged)
Goblin Giant6EpicAn extremely high-HP troop that targets buildings. It also carries two Spear Goblins
Golden Knight4ChampionAn extremely high-HP melee troop that comes with a special ability. It allows him to dash forward and deal massive damage to enemies
Golem8EpicSlow but extremely high-HP Golem who targets buildings
Graveyard5LegendaryA spell that summons Skeletons anywhere in the Arena
Guards3EpicThree low-HP melee troops with shields
Heal Spirit1RareA troop that leaps onto enemies to deal damage and leaves behind a healing effect for friendly troops
Hog Rider4RareFast high-HP melee troop who targets buildings

An average-HP ranged troop that deals scattered damage

Ice Golem2RareAn average-HP melee troop who targets buildings. Upon death, it explodes and slows down nearby enemies
Ice Spirit1CommonA low-HP troop who throws itself onto enemies to freeze and slow them
Ice Wizard3LegendaryA high-HP troop capable of dealing area damage and slowing down enemies
Inferno Dragon4


A high-HP flying ranged troop who fires a beam of fire that deals increased damage over time
Inferno Tower5RareA defensive building that single-targets enemies. The damage dealt increases over time

A single high-HP melee troop

Lava Hound7LegendaryAn extremely high-HP flying troop who targets buildings and is capable of spawning six melee Lava Pups upon death
Lightning6EpicA spell that summons bolts of lightning to damage an area
Lumberjack4LegendaryA fast-moving high-HP melee troop who drops a Rage spell upon death
Magic Archer4LegendaryAn average-HP ranged troop whose attacks travel in a straight light and damages those in its path
Mega Knight7LegendaryAn extremely high-HP melee troop who deals massive splash damage upon landing in the Arena and handing out area damage with attacks
Mega Minion3RareAn average-HP flying melee troop
Mighty Miner4ChampionA high-HP melee troop who comes with a special ability. This allows him to switch lanes and deal explosive damage in his wake
Miner3LegendaryA high-HP melee troop capable of burrowing underground to its target destination
Minions3CommonThree fast low-HP flying melee troops
Minion Horde5CommonSix fast low-HP flying melee troops
Mini P.E.K.K.A4RareA miniature lower HP and damage version of the P.E.K.K.A
Mirror1EpicA spell that plays your last played for one extra Elixir cost
Monk4ChampionAn extremely high-HP melee troop that comes with a special ability. This allows him to deflect all enemy projectiles
Mortar4CommonA long-range defensive building that launches boulders at enemies
Mother Witch4LegendaryAn average-HP ranged troop capable of cursing enemies. Once they're destroyed, they turn into a building-targeting Hog that fights for you
Musketeer4RareA single average-HP ranged Musketeer
Night Witch4LegendaryA high-HP melee troop that spawns bats
P.E.K.KA7EpicA single high-HP but slow melee P.E.K.K.A
Phoenix4LegendaryA flying high-HP melee troop who can respawn from an egg once it's been destroyed
Poison4EpicA spell that covers a small area in a deadly damaging toxin


A single high-HP Prince capable of charging and dealing massive melee damage
Princess3LegendaryA single low-HP ranged troop capable of dealing long-range area damage
Rage2EpicA spell that increases troop movement and attack speed. Buildings attack faster and summon troops quicker too
Ram Rider5LegendaryA high-HP troop where the ram targets buildings and the rider deals ranged damage

Spawns an high-HP melee troop and two-low-HP ranged troops


A spell that deals high-damage to a small area

Royal Delivery3CommonA spell that deploys a package in the Arena. Upon landing, it deals damage to enemies it lands on and spawns a Royal Recruit
Royal Giant6Common

An extremely high-HP ranged troop who targets buildings with his massive ranged cannon

Royal Ghost3LegendaryA high-HP melee troop capable of invisibly traveling through the Arena until he attacks or attacked
Royal Hogs5RareFour average-HP melee troops that target buildings
Royal Recruits7CommonSix low-HP troops with shields that are deployed in a straight line
Skeletons1CommonThree fast low-HP melee skeletons
Skeleton Barrel3CommonA low-HP flying barrel that spawns Skeletons once it is destroyed
Skeleton Dragons4CommonTwo low-HP flying troops that deal ranged area damage
Skeleton King4ChampionAn extremely high HP melee troop that comes with a special ability. It allows him to summon skeletons to join the fight
Sparky6LegendaryA slow-moving high-HP troop that needs to charge up to deal massive area damage
Spear Goblins2CommonThree low-HP ranged troops
Tesla4CommonA defensive building that zaps nearby enemies. If no enemies are nearby, it conceals itself undergound to protect itself from damage
The Log2Legendary

A spell that rolls down the Arena and deals damage to enemies in its path

Three Musketeers9RareThree average-HP ranged troops
Tombstone3RareA building that spawns Skeletons
Tornado3EpicA spell that drags enemies to the center of a small area and deals gradual damage to them over time
Wall Breakers2EpicTwo low-HP troops that targets buildings and deals high damage
Witch5EpicA single high-HP Witch capable of spawning skeletons
Wizard5RareA single average-HP Wizard capable of dealing high area damage

A largely defensive building that rapid fires arrows from a long range

Zap2CommonA spell that briefly stuns and deal damage to enemies in a small area
Zappies4RareThree low-HP ranged troops capable of stunning enemies

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