How To Check Your Chest Cycle In Clash Royale

You can see what Chests you'll be receiving after winning battles in Clash Royale by checking out your Chest cycle. Here's how you can do that!

Clash Royale Chest Cycle Guide Supercell
You can tell which Chests you'll get in Clash Royale by looking at your Chest Cycle! | © Supercell

Chests are the easiest way you can obtain Gold, Gems, Cards, and Wild Cards in Clash Royale. There are multiple ways you can get Chests such as buying them from the in-game store with Gems, unlocking them from completing a challenge/tournament, receiving them as a Clan War reward, or winning them after a successful battle.

Today, we'll be focusing on the latter part of how you can obtain Chests: winning them after a successful battle. In Clash Royale, Chests received in this situation are not randomized. Instead, there is a hidden list that the game follows to determine which Chest to award you with after a successful battle. This is known as the Chest cycle.

Supercell doesn't exactly make that list information available to you. So, we'll be looking at how you can check your Chest cycle in Clash Royale.

Chests Available In Clash Royale Chest Cycles

Clash Royale Chest cycle Guide Supercell
Here are all the Chests you can expect to see in your Chest cycle! | © Supercell

There are a variety of Chests available in Clash Royale, but only a handful of them are obtainable in Chest cycles. These are:

  • Silver Chest
  • Golden Chest
  • Gold Crates
  • Magical Chest
  • Giant Chest
  • Epic Chest
  • Lightning/Mega Lightning Chest
  • Legendary Chest

Note that Wooden, Crown, Fortune, King's/Legendary King's, Challenge, and Clan War Chests will never be obtainable in your Chest cycle.

How To Check Chest Cycle In Clash Royale

Clash Royale Chest Cycle Guide Supercell
Here's how you can see your Chest Cycle in Clash Royale! | © Supercell

Chest cycles can be easily checked by using any third-party Clash Royale statistic site. Here are the exact steps you can follow to see your Chest cycle and look at what Chests you can expect in the future:

  1. Launch the Clash Royale app.
  2. Go to your Profile. Copy your Player Tag.
  3. Go to either RoyaleAPI or StatsRoyale.
  4. Paste your Player Tag into the respective Player Tag box. Click Search.
  5. You will be directed to a detailed breakdown of your Clash Royale account, including your battle history, decks, cards, stats, and, more importantly, your Chest Cycle.

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