Supercell Teases New Game Mechanic In Clash Royale

In a video leading up to the next TV Royale, Supercell has teased a new game mechanic that will "reverse" the tide of battle in your favor.

Uno Mechanic CR
Supercell has teased a new reverse-like mechanic in Clash Royale... | © Supercell

Supercell has revealed what could potentially be a new game mechanic that could be coming in the next major Clash Royale update.

Dubbed by many as the "Uno reverse" card, this game mechanic appears to redirect targeted spells or items -such as the Goblin Barrel as shown in the video - back to the King Tower.

With the Mighty Miner added as the last card in the previous Clash Royale update over six months ago, rumors are circulating that this game mechanic could be the active ability of a new champion. In the video, the mechanic does not revolve around any Princess or King tower so it has to be connected to a unit. However, it seems to be too powerful for any regular troop.

Regardless of whether it's a new champion or a standalone card, many in the Clash Royale community are welcoming this new mechanic calling it "balanced" and a "nice new gimmick". Others call it the "perfect counter to the Rocket spell" that's been plaguing the meta lately.

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