COD Mobile August 12 Update: All Weapon Buffs And Nerfs

The M4, Switchblade X9 SMG, and the HVK-30 have all been shadow buffed in the August 12 update for Call of Duty: Mobile.

COD Mobile August 12 update patch notes weapons
The August 12 update for Call of Duty: Mobile introduced a number of undocumented weapon balance changes. | © Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Mobile got a small update today (August 12) that has some pretty significant weapon balance changes.

The only issue is this update comes without patch notes, so knowing exactly what changes have been made is next to impossible.

Thankfully, there are some very helpful members who have peered into the game's files and learned of a number of "shadow" buffs and nerfs.

COD: Mobile August 12 Update - Weapon Balance Changes

According to the ever-reliable LeakersOnDuty, and their stats team StatsOnDuty, the following weapons have had changes: Switchblade X9, KSP-45, HVK-30, and the M4.

Some of the game's newly added prosthetic enhancements, which were added with the Season 7: New Vision City update, are all being tweaked.

Weapon Buffs

Three weapons are being buffed, with the recently added Switchblade X9 SMG among them.

COD Mobile August 12 patch notes
The X9 Switchblade seen here with a legendary weapon blueprint. | © Activision Blizzard

Switchblade X9

  • Extended Mag A: +10 increased to +15
  • Range increased: 10-15-20 increased to 12-17-22
  • Lower Arm multiplier: 0.9x increased to 1.0x
  • Sprint-to-fire time: 0.2s dressed to 0.15s


  • Base magazine size: 30 increased to 35
  • Damage range: 12-20-33 increased to 14-23-35
  • Removed damage range penalty from Large Caliber ammo


  • Base range: 7-20-35 increased to 14-22-35
  • Base ADS time: 0.26 reduced to 0.24

Weapon Nerfs

One gun is being nerfed, the KSP-45, which was added with the Season 6: To The Skies update.


  • Range: 15-25.2 decreased to 11-12
  • Base ADS movement: 4.01m/s decreased to 3.91m/s
  • 10.5" Taskforce Barrel Range: +20% reduced to +15%
  • Light weight stack: +20% reduced to +15% ADS movement speed
  • Headshot multiplier: x1.7 reduced to x1.6
  • Chest multiplier: x1.4 reduced to x1.3
  • Leg multiplier: x1.0 reduced to x0.95

Prosthetic Changes

Three out of four of the new Prosethtics have seen changes, with the Smart Shotgun, Bee Scout, and Virtual Vision tweaked by the developers.

The Smart Shotgun is the one with the biggest change, a major buff, and you can see the details of this in the infographic provided by LeakersOnDuty.

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