COD Mobile Zombies: How To Upgrade Guns Using Pack-A-Punch

Learn how to upgrade weapons using the Pack-a-Punch machine in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9: Zombies Are Back.

Call of Duty Mobile Pack-a-punch zombies game mode
Use the Pack-a-Punch to upgrade weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile's Zombies Classic mode. | © Activision Blizzard

Season 9 of Call of Duty: Mobile has brought back the Zombies Classic game mode after over two and a half years after its removal.

The game mode isn't hugely different from what left the game back in early 2020. The Shi No Numa map is back, many of the same rewards are here, and the only major change is the introduction of the class system.

Another returning element is the Pack-a-Punch machine. First seen in Call of Duty: World at War, it has since appeared in pretty much every iteration of the Zombies game mode since, giving players the opportunity to upgrade their weapons.

cod mobile shi no numa
Shi No Numa returns in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9. | © Activision Blizzard

Learning how to get the Pack-a-Punch machine working and using it is hugely important - especially if you decide to take on the challenge of hardcore Zombies.

Using the Pack-a-Punch machine in Call of Duty: Mobile is a three-stage endeavor; first, you will need to locate the machine, then you need to find two electric components to repair the machine, and then you will need to find a weapon you want to upgrade and have the required coins needed to do so.

The last part is relatively easy, the first two can prove difficult, but that's where this guide comes in as we show you where to find the Pack-a-Punch and locate two of the electric parts.

Where To Find The Pack-A-Punch Machine In COD: Mobile (2022)

Finding the Pack-a-Punch machine isn't all too difficult, but you will need to remove a barrier before you can gain access to it.

You spawn into Zombies Classic on the top floor of a large barn. Once in, locate a set of stairs that leads to the ground floor, you want to go down here, but first, you will need the 700 coins required to clear the obstruction.

The easiest way of getting the required coins is by killing the first wave of zombies and building some barricades by the windows.

COD MObile pack-a-punch
You will need to clear this obstacle to get to the Pack-a-Punch machine. | © Activision Blizzard

Once you get down the stairs, take a right, and directly in front of you will be a gaping hole in the barn's wall. Head out through the hole and into the barn's courtyard, then turn left, where you will see the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Pack-a-punch zombies classic cod mobile
You will find the Pack-a-Punch in the gated courtyard on the west side of the barn. | © Activision Blizzard

Now, with the Pack-a-Punch located, you will need to find the electrical components to repair it.

Where To Find Electric Components For The Pack-A-Punch Machine In COD: Mobile

You will need to source two electric components to repair the Pack-a-Punch machine, with there being four available on the map.

There is one in each of the four barns that surround the central barn. You will need coins to gain access to the path heading to each barn and coins for the barn door itself.

Again, getting these coins is relatively easy; just keep killing the waves of zombies until you have the required amount.

Call of duty mobile zombies pack a punch electric component locations
Electric components can be found in the barns found in the north- and south-west, and north- and southeast. | © Activision Blizzard

Once inside these barns, an icon will appear on the HUD, revealing the exact location of the electric component.

You will need two electric components to repair the Pack-a-Punch machine. | © Activision Blizzard

Once you have two electric components, return to the Pack-a-Punch machine and tap on 'Fix'; after a short time, the machine will pulse with electricity. It can now be used to upgrade weapons.

To do so, walk toward the machine; once you see the button for 'open Pack-a-Punch', tap it. Whatever weapon you have in your hands is the one that will upgrade.

Each upgrade requires more coins than the last time; weapons can be upgraded five times in normal and hardcore Zombies Classic. In endless, weapons can be upgraded ten times.

  • Upgrade level 1: 2000 coins
  • Upgrade level 2: 4000 coins
  • Upgrade level 3: 6000 coins
  • Upgrade level 4: 8000 coins
  • Upgrade level 5: 10000 coins

Upgrading your weapons will increase their damage by 50% and reduces reload time by the same amount.

Upgrading your weapons will make defeating the endgame boss a much easier task, but doing so relies on earning a substantial amount of coins. We'd suggest upgrading at least two times before you get to the endgame.

Now you know how to upgrade weapons in Zombies Classic, why not check out what we consider the best weapons in the game mode?

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