Does Arena Breakout Have Controller Support? All Supported Devices

With a large FPS experience available, there are many questions asking if Arena Breakout has controller support. We will give you the answers you need.

Arena Breakout Controller Support
Arena Breakout may support players wishing to use controllers to play the game. | © Level Infinite

Arena Breakout is a massive new FPS mobile game that has players hooked on its intense fighting experience, unique gameplay elements, and satisfying combat.

It has taken the shooter genre to the next level and already has garnered a huge player base. But, like any shooter in this space, the best way to play it is with a controller as most do on a console. Mobile, unfortunately, has its limitations, but there is good news about controller support on Arena Breakout.

Here's everything you need to know about Arena Breakout controller support and the devices which are capable of doing it.

Does Arena Breakout Have Controller Support?

Controller Support Gameplay
Arena Breakout has had controller support for some time. | © Level Infinite

Yes, Arena Breakout has controller support for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Controller support in Arena Breakout has been available as early as the release of the global beta test in early 2023.

Take note that players have complained that the controller compatibility needs improvement and that only a few bindings are available, so controller support is less than ideal at the moment. However, we can expect the developers to work on upgrading it.


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No only Xbox controllers for iPhone


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