Arena of Valor Beginner Guide: Gameplay And Hero Roles

Arena of Valor is a huge MOBA that has taken the mobile gaming community by storm with its variety of game modes and growing player base. If you're new to the game, here's a handy guide for you to keep up with this fast-based game!

Arenaof Valor Guide
Get ready to own this game... | © TiMi Studio

It's no surprise that TiMi Studio's Arena of Valor has been the talk of the gaming community since its release back in 2016. Fast forward to now and the game has expanded to be available for free on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

The game has reached such big heights that it has a number of international esports tournaments and has been included in mainstream regional sporting events such as The Asian Games.

It's not surprising that this surge of popularity means that there will A LOT of new players to the game. To help with that, we've got a handy beginner guide to all things Arena of Valor!


As we mentioned earlier, Arena of Valor is a MOBA game. Here's how the developers describe the game on their site:

Players will be formed into two even teams - RED & BLUE, whoever destroy the base of the opposing side first gets victory. In order to destroy enemy`s base, players have to manage the hero they selected, fight against the opponents, take down all the Defense Towers in at least one of the three paths. Classic 5V5 mode is the most popular one in Arena of Valor, through which you can show your excellent skill as well as explore the strategies with your team.

From the excerpt, it sounds like your classic 5v5 game like League of Legends and Valve's DOTA series. In fact, Arena of Valor was highly inspired by the former and you might be able to notice a few similarities between AoV and Riot's popular game.

But as the game is geared toward mobile gaming, you can expect the duration of these games to last somewhere between 10-20 minutes.


Hero Roles Ao V
Choose your heroes wisely! | © MADCyclone on YouTube

There are a number of roles that a player can have in Arena of Valor. Your team should have a healthy variety of each role in order to properly synergize with other teammates' abilities. Stacking too many heroes from the same role category will mean an incoherent team will most likely lose should your opponents pick better.

The roles are as follows:

  • Assassin: Swift, elusive and deadly. These Heroes are notorious for their ability to ambush lone heroes by dealing deadly damage. A word of caution, however, they are significantly weaker in terms of health stats compared to other roles. They are perfect farmers in the mid-lane. If their early game farm is done perfectly, they can carry the team to victory in the later stages of the game.
  • Mage: Magical, powerful, and slightly overpowered. Mages are similar to assassins in the sense that they can dispatch enemies rapidly but with a barrage of well-placed spells. Usually attacking from range, their attacks are great to counter tanks whose armor and high HP are vulnerable to magic damage.
  • Marksman: Ranged, potent, and a hard-carry. Marksmen are essentially the carries in any game. Their auto attacks are can deliver massive damage and their critical attacks are the coup de grâce of any finishing blow. Be warned that they are highly difficult to play. Marksmen often require an incredible amount of skill to create a pool of gold in order to finish their build and dedication to stick to their lane (or jungle) to farm this wealth.
  • Support: Disruptor, potential healer, and all-round backbone of any team. Healers are bound to support the team - especially carries - with their defensive capabilities and their disruptive offensive abilities. Healers are generally weak and roam with other heroes because they will be easily defeated if they are by themselves.
  • Tank: Strong, distractor, and initiator. Tanks have high HP but lack the damage output to defeat other heroes single-handedly. Their main purpose is to be at the frontline of battles to soak up opponents' damage while high damage output heroes do their work from behind. Starting battles and inflicting status conditions on opponents is the tank's strength so keep that in mind.
  • Warrior: Beefy, offensive, and plain annoying. Warriors are similar to tanks because they have high HPs and specialize in defensive purposes. But, warriors are built specifically to go on the offensive. They have the ability to stick closely with opponents and deal incredible damage (but not as much as mages or assassins though). 1v1s are no issue but warriors can be weak to slow effects and other status conditions.