Dead by Daylight Mobile Hillbilly Guide (2023): Best Perks, Tips, More

This is the best build for Hillbilly in Dead by Daylight Mobile (2023).

Dead By Daylight Mobile
The best Hillbilly build in Dead by Daylight. | © Behaviour Interactive

The Hillbilly AKA Max Thompson Jr. is one of the thirteen playable killers in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

He is a part of the original crew of killers that was released when the game first came out in 2020. The killer has had a tumultuous time on the tier list since release - considered overrated by some and underrated by others.

Part of the reason for that is players not knowing how to use him to the best of his abilities, and that's where this guide comes in, as we show you how to play The Hillbilly at an expert level in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

The Hillbilly Overview

Hillbilly dbd
The Hillbilly. | © Behaviour Interactive

Power: Chainsaw - Hillbilly’s main power is going to be his Chainsaw. Survivors who are hit with the Chainsaw power are put into a dying state. The Chainsaw has an overheat meter which limits the number of actions The Hillbilly can take. Starting, revving, and sprinting will cause the meter to fill. When the Chainsaw is not in use the overheat meter will decrease.

Unique Perks

EnduringReduces pallet stun duration by 40-50%. It has no effect when carrying a survivor.
LightbornThe Auras of Survivors attempting to blind you with a flashlight are revealed to you for 10 seconds. Lightborn grants immunity from being blinded by flashlights, firecrackers, flashbangs, or blast mines.
TinkererWhenever a generator is repaired to 70% you gain the following effects: Trigger a loud noise notification for the generator that was repaired and reveal its location. Gain the Undetectable status effect for the next 16 seconds. Tinkerer can only trigger once per generator.

The Build

Since Dead by Daylight Mobile just had a fresh start and most accounts aren’t going to be leveled up as much, we’ve made a beginner-friendly build. This build will use general perks that everyone acquires as they play the game.

There are four perks we want to build with the Hillbilly.

  • Jolt
  • Tinkerer
  • No One Escapes Death
  • Whispers

Hillbilly’s core mechanic is managing the heat of his Chainsaw and making sure it doesn’t overheat. If you can balance this power well you will be able to move very quickly. This movement boost means that he's incredibly fast!

Jolt is an amazing lockdown ability to use. When you put a Survivor into the Dying State with your base, all generators within 32m of you instantly explode and start regressing.

Tinkerer is another skill that will allow you to know what survivors are up to. Ideally, you want to wait for this to go off and then charge down a survivor, so you can regress the generator that’s at 70% while also hooking and potentially killing your enemies.

Whispers helps identify the locations of survivors and when they are within a 40-meter radius you will become aware of them.

No One Escapes Death is aptly named due to the perk literally revealing the location of survivors when they are trying to exit. Once the Exit Gates are activated No One Escapes Death will expose the survivors and increase your speed. Using this with your Chainsaw should result in some blood and guts being spilled!

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