Dead by Daylight Mobile Nurse Guide: Best Perks, Tips, More (2023)

This is the best build for The Nurse in Dead by Daylight Mobile (2023).

Nurse dbd
The best Nurse build in Dead by Daylight. | © Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight Mobile is an incredibly popular horror game enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. It offers a thrilling asymmetrical multiplayer experience in which players take on the roles of either survivors or killers. One of those killers is Sally Smithson, aka The Nurse, a force to be reckoned with.

The Nurse stands out as a fan favorite among the many killers in the game. This guide will provide you with the best perks, tips, and strategies for mastering The Nurse and dominating Dead by Daylight Mobile.

The Nurse Overview

The Nurses' perks can help you get one over the survivors. | © Behaviour Interactive

Power: Spencer's Last Breath - The Nurse charges up a powerful dash that propels her forward at incredible speed, allowing her to cross large distances and quickly close the gap between herself and her prey. While charging, The Nurse becomes immune to stun effects and can even pass through obstacles like walls and pallets.

Unique Perks

A Nurse's CallingAllows The Nurse to see the auras of injured survivors when they are healing within a range of 20 meters.
StridorIncreases the volume of survivors' grunts of pain and regular breathing.
ThanatophobiaApplies a penalty to all survivors' repair, healing, and sabotage speeds for each injured or dying survivor, making it harder for them to escape or fix generators. Increases the action speed penalty by 12%.

The Build

  • A Nurses Calling
  • Whispers
  • Thanatophobia
  • Bitter Murmur

Thanatophobia allows you to keep close tabs on your patient... we mean victims. Once you attack a survivor, they will eventually need to heal. Healing will allow The Nurse to see where the victim has run off to.

A Nurse's Calling, the skill that combos with Thanatophobia! This allows The Nurse to see the aura of the victims, which you can easily pin down with her Spencer's Last Breath teleport.

Whisper is a fantastic perk to bring with you when playing as The Nurse. Whisper will let you locate at least one survivor within 40 meters of your location.

Bitter Murmur: this perk will reveal the auras of all survivors within 16 meters of a just-completed generator. Their auras will be revealed for five seconds.

With these tips and tricks, you too can become a master of the Nurse and terrorize survivors in Dead by Daylight Mobile. Happy hunting!