Dead by Daylight Mobile Hag Guide: Best Perks, Tips, More (2023)

This is the best build for The Hag in Dead by Daylight Mobile (2023).

Hag dbd
The best Hag build in Dead by Daylight Mobile. | © Behaviour Interactive

The Hag, aka Lisa Sherwood, is one of the most challenging killers to play in Dead by Daylight Mobile. In the game of cat and mouse, The Hag takes a more methodical approach to stalk her prey. However, patience isn't always a virtue in abundance, but it's one that those playing as The Hag will need to master to come out on top.

Thankfully that's where this guide comes in, as we show you how to use The Hag's perks to trap your enemies and have them screaming in horror in the recently re-released DBD Mobile.

So, if you prefer to befuddle your enemies - rather than cave their heads in with an axe - check out our guide below.

The Hag Overview

Damien devaux the hag
The Hag! | © Behaviour Interactive

Power: Blackened Catalyst -The Hag can place ten phantasm traps. The phantasm traps, when activated, will spawn a mud phantasm. The mud phantasm will yank the survivor towards it, causing them to be disoriented. The Hag can also see which direction the survivor went.

Take note that the phantasms are weak to light, so a flashlight will destroy them but show The Hag the aura of the survivor who destroyed it. When the trap is tripped, The Hag can also choose to teleport to the location of the tripped phantasm.

Unique Perks

Hex: The Third SealThe last two survivors hit with either your basic or special attack suffer from blindness.
Hex: RuinWhenever a generator is not being repaired, it will automatically regress its repair progress.
Hex: Devour HopeEach time a survivor is rescued from a hook, and you are at least 24 meters away, you will receive a token. At two tokens, you will gain haste. At three tokens, survivors will be exposed permanently. At five, you get an instant kill on each survivor.
The Build
  • Hex: Ruin
  • Sloppy Butcher
  • Whispers
  • Hex: The Third Seal

Since The Hag is a very slow killer that takes time to get started, we want to focus on having perks that will slow down the survivors.

Hex: Ruin is an easy one to bring with you into a match. Using this will make the game go on longer than needed for the survivors, which means you have more time to work your Hag magic.

Sloppy Butcher makes it so wounds inflicted by basic attacks will cause survivors to suffer from hemorrhage and mangled status effects. This means survivors will bleed more and will be easier to track on top of their healing not being as efficient due to hemorrhage.

Whispers will cause an audio cue to go off when there is a survivor within 40 meters of your vicinity.

Hex: The Third Seal pairs amazingly with Sloppy Butcher. Not only will survivors have to deal with bleeding and hemorrhaging, but they will also become blind. This means they are going to be more likely to walk into your phantasm traps!

Overall you want to stack these perk abilities on top of one survivor. You want to maintain a solo focus to ensure you are oppressive enough to stop the team from snowballing you with generator repairs. Placing your phantasm traps close to generators will mean you can always have a way to teleport and start attacking a survivor.