Dead By Daylight Mobile Trapper Guide (2023): Best Perks, Tips, More

This is the best build for Trapper in Dead by Daylight Mobile (2023).

Master The Trapper with our Dead by Daylight Mobile guide. | © Behaviour Interactive

The Trapper AKA Evan MacMillan is the first killer you start out with in Dead by Daylight Mobile. He has one of the most basic kits in the game, so he is easy to get a grasp of for anyone coming into the new mobile version.

The guide below will help you master The Trapper, taking a look at the best perks and abilities to use in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

The Trapper Overview

Trapper dbd
The Trapper! | © Behaviour Interactive

Power: Bear Trap - At the start of a match the Trapper has two bear traps equipped. Around the map, there will be a further six bear traps - spawned at random locations throughout. The Trapper can see the Auras of every bear trap at all times.

Unique Perks

Unnerving Presence
Survivors repairing or healing within your Terror Radius suffer from the following effects: Increases the trigger odds of a Skill Check by 10%. Decreases the success of zone Skill Checks by 40%.
Brutal Strength
Your great strength allows you to shred through your prey's defences. Increases the action speed of breaking pallets and breakable walls, and damaging generators by 10%.
AgitationYou get excited in anticipation of hooking your prey. While carrying a survivor you benefit from an increase in Carrying Movement by 6 speed and your Terror Radius increases by 12 meters.

The Build

The Trapper is a killer who relies on his perks. He has almost no map pressure and can be overwhelmed by survivors pretty quickly if they know what they're doing.

Some good ways to stop survivors from pushing early is setting your bear traps in some smart spots like in front of pallets and around corners. Generally, places where the killer can apply pressure while a survivor is focused on completing a goal. The perks we want to bring with us for The Trapper are:

  • Corrupt Intervention
  • Pop Goes the Weasel
  • BBQ & Chilli
  • Save the Best For Last

Corrupt Intervention is a must-have no matter what, trust us. This gives The Trapper map pressure just by spawning into the match. This perk blocks the three generators farthest from you for 80 seconds. This means you know where the survivors aren't going to be and can chase them down easier.

Pop Goes the Weasel is an antagonistic perk that allows The Trapper to regress any generator progress by 20% after a successful survivor hook. So, once you push the survivors out of one side of the map, target in on one, hook 'em, and then deplete their current progress.

BBQ and Chili are going to pair well with Pop Goes the Weasel. This perk gives you the ability to see the Aura of the survivors that are around the hook you just plopped a survivor onto.

Save The Best For Last causes you to become obsessed with one survivor. Each time you land a hit on the survivor who isn't your obsession you will gain a 5% cooldown reduction per attack, stacking up to 40%. This enables The Trapper to just do everything he's already doing quicker. Once you have to attack your obsession you will lose the ability to stack cooldown reduction.

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