Football Manager 2023 Mobile: Release Date, New Features, More

The mobile version of Football Manager 2023 is expected to be the most in-depth yet. Here is everything you need to know including the release date.

What can players expect from Football Manager 2023 Mobile? | © Sports Interactive

Some people will never understand, and others will question why you can't possibly be enthralled by the idea, but thankfully, Sports Interactive has been getting it for over 30 years and are now readying up for the release of Football Manager 2023.

Of course, there will be all the most up-to-date rosters, but it's those additions that tweak the gameplay that really excites us fans of the granddaddy of manager simulations. Off the back of the Women's Euro 2022, this year's edition is reportedly going big on the women's game with managers now able to move between the sexes, but will that make its way into the admittedly stripped-down Football Manager 2023 Mobile?

There is a lot more yet unknown about the mobile version of Football Manager 2023, but that is where we come in, as this hub will keep you up to date on the latest from the game.

Football Manager 2023 Mobile - Release Date

All versions of Football Manager have been confirmed to be released on November 8, the same date as last year. Football Manager 2023 Mobile will be available on Android devices, while Football Manager 2023 Touch will be available on Apple iOS and the Nintendo Switch.

These two versions of the game are different, with Football Manager 2023 Touch offering up more functionality. Check back with us closer to the time as we break down the key differences.

Football Manager 2023 Mobile - New Features

It should be noted that while the games release on the same day, there are a number of key differences between titles.

Football Manager 2023 Mobile, compared to the Xbox, Touch (Switch), and PC, is the least in-depth version of the game, with certain menus and mechanics simplified.

But we don't need to tell you that mobile devices are getting more powerful, and each year the mobile version adds a few new moves to the field of play.

Last year saw an overhaul to scouting and training, with an increase in the number of leagues that can be simulated to five.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile got an overhauled medical and injury system. | © Sports Interactive

An implementation of the women's game, like that which is expected for the mainline game but not yet confirmed, is unlikely. That task is mammoth, with Sports Interactive's stated vision to have the women's game as part of the same database as the men's. We could see potentially see a stripped-down version of the women's game on mobile as a separate game mode.

With where the mobile title is at right now, we'd like to see Sports Interactive look at quality-of-life changes and more leveling up of core features. Is Football Manager really Football Manager if you can't spread the cost of buying a player over 48 months? Sort it out, SI.

A multiplayer option, present in the mainline game for decades, also needs to be implemented.

Thankfully, it won't be long until we find out about the developer's plans, with a full announcement imminent.

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