PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022: Schedule, Teams, Format, Results, More

With the best teams and a huge prize pool, the PUBG Mobile Invitational looks like one worth tuning in for.

Gamers8 Riyadh

Few mobile esports titles do it quite like PUBG Mobile and that is on show again this week with the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) which is set to kick off in Riyadh this week.

Eighteen of the best PUBG Mobile rosters are off to Saudi Arabia for two bespoke tournaments, which combined, boast a $3 million USD prize pool.

As part of the Gamers8 gaming and esport festival, this pair of PUBG mobile tournaments cap eight weeks of competition which has seen similarly well-funded tournaments for Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2, and Rocket League.

We will be following all the action in Riyadh, and below we have a preview of the event detailing the teams, schedule/format, and where you can watch the livestream.

PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022 - Schedule

Organized by the Saudi Esports Federation, the eight-week-long Gamers8 started back on July 14.

Since then, gamers that have traveled to the purpose-built Boulevard Riyadh City venue (or those that have watched the streams at home) have been witness to some of the most lavishly produced esports the world has seen and it's perhaps fitting that it will be rounded off with a mobile title the region's most popular gaming platform.

Gamers8 venue
The Boulevard Riyadh City esport's venue has been the site of the biggest esports tournaments of the summer. | © Gamers8

The PMWI is a two-hander, first the eighteen-team main event which is then followed by the Afterparty Showdown, which invites five teams to stick around along with yet more invited teams for a second round of zone shrinking action.

The main event runs from August 11-13, with the Afterparty Showdown taking place a week later on August 18-20.

The broadcast will start at 12.45 am CEST (6.45 am EST / 9.45 pm AEST) each day.

PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022 - Teams

There are eighteen teams invited teams, a handpicked selection of each the best rosters from the various regions. Nations represented include China, Brazil, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, and the United States.

  • Team Falcons (Host Country Invite)
  • Regans Gaming
  • Damwon Gaming
  • Donuts USG
  • Team SouL
  • Morph GGG
  • Vampire Esports
  • 4Rivals
  • Box Gaming
  • Stalwart Esports
  • 52 Esports
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • Virtual Gaming Squad
  • Back2Back
  • Aton Esports
  • Keyd Stars
  • Istanbul Wildcats
  • TJB Esports EU

Twelve teams will take part in the Afterparty Showdown, with five earning their place based on their performances in the main event.

The other invited teams are:

  • R8 Esports (Special Invite)
  • S2G Esports
  • Alpha7 Esports
  • Bigetron RA
  • Deadeyes Guys
  • Team RA'AD
  • 7Sea Esports

Format / Prizing

Both tournaments will see all the participating teams jump into the same lobby and play eighteen games over the three days.

Screenshot 2022 08 10 at 20 46 08
Matches will be played on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. | © Gamers8

Players will gain points for placement and kills, with individual prizes awarded for MVP, most kills, etc.

Main Tournament Prize Pool

There is $2 million on the line. Each team is guaranteed $25,000, with the top prize being $500,000.

PlacementPrize Pool

The top five teams will also earn a place in the Afterparty Showdown.

How To Watch The PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022

Viewers can follow all the action on the Gamers8 YouTube channel (embedded below) or the festival's Facebook page.

PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022 - Results

The tournament kicks off tomorrow, check back with us then for all the latest from Riyadh.

The PUBG Mobile World Invitational is a tournament organized by Gamers8 and ESL in cooperation with PUBG mobile developer and publisher, Krafton and Tencent.

MobileMatters is a partnership with parent company EarlyGame and ESL.