Teddy Bears And Pets Come To PUBG Mobile

The Great British Teddy Bear Company has joined forces with PUBG Mobile for a cute collaboration. Here is everything you need to know.

PUBG Mobile GB Teddy Bear Release Date,
GB Teddy Bear buddies come to PUBG Mobile. | © Krafton

PUBG Mobile is no stranger to a collaboration with plenty of big-name tie-ins appearing in Krafton's battle royale. From carmaker Lamborghini to collabs with TV shows and films such as Netflix's Arcane and Spider-Man: No Way Home - there has been something for everyone.

The most recent PUBG Mobile collaboration is one of the most out-there yet, with the battle royale joining forces with The Great British Teddy Bear Company bringing a level of fluffy cuteness not yet seen in a game that prizes headshots over cuddles.

The event is a Lucky Spin and while boasting some bonafide Teddy Bears also includes some of the new Pet Companions that are coming to the game. For more information, including all the rewards and how to enter, keep on reading!

PUBG Mobile x GB Teddy Bear Company - Start And End Date

The GB Teddy Bear Company aka Hola Buddy event is now live having started on Friday, June 24. The event will last approximately one month ending on Friday, July 22.

PUBG Mobile GB Teddy Bear Company
The Great British Teddy Bear Company has arrived in PUBG Mobile. | © Krafton

PUBG Mobile x GB Teddy Bear Company - Lucky Spin And Rewards

The event has no in-game component and all cosmetic items can be earned through a Lucky Spin.

Players will need to purchase Unknown Cash (UC) from the in-game store to buy a ticket to the spin. You can then use your tickets to play all three Lucky Spins or just one. The three Lucky Spins are:

  • Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear
  • Robin Hood Teddy Bear
  • Kitten/Shiba Inu Prize Pool

Each Lucky Spin has ten rewards which include Avatars, Ornaments, and Sets among other items. If you choose to draw from all three Lucky Spins there are bonus items on offer.

PUBG Mobile Teddy Bear Shinnu
Individual Lucky Draws feature ten items to earn. | © Krafton

The first draw of the day costs 10 UC and ten draws cost 540 UC. When pulling from all three, a single spin will cost 60 UC, when pulling from an individual spin it will cost 90 UC. There are also bonus items depending on how many times you spin.

You can purchase UC from the in-game store and you can also check the odds of getting each item from the event page.

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