COD Mobile Shotgun Tier List (Season 9): All Shotguns Ranked From Best To Worst

What is the best shotgun in Call of Duty: Mobile meta? Our Season 9 tier list ranks each shotgun from best to worst to help you in deciding which to run.

COD Mobile Shotgun tier list season 9
Learn what the best shotgun in Call of Duty: Mobile is in our Season 9 tier list. | © Activision Blizzard

In a meta large dominated by submachine guns, it can be hard for any other weapons to get a look in. But thankfully, there are a few that break through this SMG-athon, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the shotgun class.

Shotguns share many of the same qualities as SMGs, even if, on the surface, they are very different weapons. Both are capable of inflicting huge damage up close and can be suitably mobile to allow those you wield them to bob in and out of cover and effectively flank opponents.

Of course, while the end result may be the same, the process for offering up those results differs hugely. Whereas SMGs generally offer low-caliber rounds and fast fire rates, shotguns stop opponents in their tracks by blasting heavy-hitting pellets in their direction.

In recent seasons, some of COD: Mobile shotguns have truly come into their own, capable of dropping opponents in one shot at close- and even mid-ranges.

But which of this powerful class of guns is the best? Our shotgun tier list is designed to help you answer that, ranking each shotgun from best to worst, taking into account the Season 9 weapon balance changes.

COD: Mobile Season 9 - Shotgun Tier List

There are eight shotguns in COD: Mobile, which ranges from pump-actions to self-reloading fully-automatics. Every season usually sees some sort of tweak given to one of these eight weapons, so keeping track of what is currently dominating the meta can be difficult.

Thankfully, we are here to cut through the noise, ranking each and every shotgun and placing them on a tier list. S-tier is the best, while D-tier represents the worst shotguns found in COD: Mobile.


  • R9-0

A favorite of pro players and also a very easy shotgun to use. Offering up a rapid-fire double barrel action, the R9-0 has the ability to drop opponents quickly and with the minimum of fuss. It is also highly mobile, and if you have found yourself being dropped by a shotgun in recent seasons, it is very likely at the hands of this shotgun.

COD Mobile shotgun tier list season 9 2022
Currently, the R9-0 is the best shotgun in COD: Mobile. | © Activision Blizzard

It is also the only shotgun that offers up the Smoothbore attachment type, which can help reduce ADS, bullet spread, and horizontal recoil, depending on which of the three Smoothbores you choose.


  • KRM-262

The only true rival to the R9-0 is the KRM-262. This pump-action shotgun offers up one shot one kill capabilities when at close range.

shotgun tier list cod mobile season 8 2022
Recently buffed, the already powerful KRM-262 is a great choice when choosing a shotgun. | © Activision Blizzard

It is also one of the best shotguns at medium-to-long ranges, with its tight pellet spread giving you some leeway when you haven't quite closed the distance yet.


  • BY15

Another pump-action shotgun, the BY15 differentiates itself from others because of its impressive range, the best seen in the shotgun weapon class.

BY15 shotgun tier list
The BY15 shotgun has the best range of any gun in the shotgun class. | © Activision Blizzard

It also has a faster fire rate than the KRM 262 but falls short when it comes to mobility, accuracy, and control. If you are a fan of shotguns and want to run one in the battle royale game mode, this is probably your best bet.


  • HS0405
  • Echo
  • JAK-12

The HS0405 is a slightly worse version of the BY15 and so finds itself in the C-tier. The only factor it betters the BY15 is mobility, with a worse fire rate, accuracy, and range.

The Echo and JAK-12 are similar shotguns, with the former a semi-automatic and the latter a fully automatic. These are shotguns for those that don't know how to aim, as their fire rate is much quicker than just about every other shotgun.

COD Mobile tier list season 9 2022
The JAK-12 is fully automatic, and if you have trouble landing your shots, this is the shotgun for you. | © Activision Blizzard

However, the downside is these don't offer up the same high damage seen in other weapons in this class, and for that reason, they aren't very viable, especially when you might as well pick up an SMG if you aren't capable of landing your first shot.


  • HS2126
  • Striker

The D-tier may as well be labeled the trash tier, and when it comes to shotguns, it's populated by the HS2126 and Striker.

COD Mobile Season 9 shotgun tier list
The HS2126 needs a serious rework before it's worth consideration. | © Activision Blizzard

Both in that automatic shotgun category, the Striker is arguably the better of the two guns, with better stats across the board, but both don't do enough damage to make them viable choices in the Season 9meta, and you would be better off picking any other shotgun listed here.

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