How To Reroll In Ace Racer: Guide To Getting The Best Cars

We'll be showing you how you can reroll to get the best possible rewards in Ace Racer.

Ace Racer Reroll Guide
Rerolling can get you the best cars in Ace Racer. | © NetEase

You'll need to win races and have good cars if you want to make it anywhere near the top of the leaderboards in Ace Racer. To do all that, you're going to need the best possible start in the game with the best possible starting cars.

Unfortunately, it can be tricky to do that since chance plays a massive part in how you draw cars from Chests. Lucky for you, there's a way to work around this so you can get the car of your dreams.

It involves rerolling. Basically, this means you'll be redrawing the car and other rewards you get from your Chests. It can be an arduous task to do, but the rewards will make it worth it.

How To Reroll In Ace Racer

Ace Racer Cars Reroll
It's a simple task if you want to reroll in Ace Racer. | © NetEase

To reroll in Ace Racer, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch Ace Racer.
  2. Sign in with a guest account.
  3. Complete the tutorial and the early stages of the game.
  4. Once you’ve unlocked the 'draw' function, draw a car.
  5. If the car you draw is not to your liking, delete Ace Racer.
  6. Reinstall the game.
  7. Repeat the previous steps until you draw a car you like.
  8. Link your account after this is complete so that you keep your dream car.

Full disclosure, rerolling involves a massive amount of luck. You might have to reroll several times before you get rewards and a car of your liking.

Bear in mind that rerolling only works in the early stages of the game. Doing so once you've made significant progress can lead to a total wipe of all your rewards, achievements, cars, and more.