Asphalt 10: Release Date, Leaks, Platforms, And More!

It has been five years since Gameloft released Asphalt 9: Legends. Now leaks and rumors are coming about Asphalt 10. Here's all you need to know about the new game.

Asphalt 10
Could we see more diverse cars and tracks in Asphalt 10? | © Gameloft

The Asphalt series has entertained gamers all over the world for nearly 20 years. Some of us have grown up on this arcade racer. Now, it's coming on its TENTH franchise installment and we can't wait for it.

Asphalt 10 - Release Date

There has been no official confirmed release date for Asphalt 10. However, we might be able to deduce a potential release date. Asphalt 8: Airborne was released in August 2013 while Asphalt 9: Legends was released in March 2018. If Gameloft were to take the same amount of time to create the next installment, we could see Asphalt 10 coming as soon as 2023.

Granted, we had spin-off Asphalt games like 2015's Asphalt Nitro and 2016's Asphalt Extreme. Despite them not being full-fleshed members of the popular series, they did provide a surprising amount of fun. Not saying it's confirmed, but we could expect a spin-off in place of the tenth installment to the series. It wouldn't be much of a loss to be honest.


Gameloft has stuck with mobile and Windows as its two primary platforms for years. A majority of players game using Android devices so we'll likely see an Asphalt game coming to Android first. Still, iOS offers a slightly better gaming experience due its improved graphics and battery performance.

Asphalt 9 on iOS offers some of the cleanest graphics... | © Mobile Freak via YouTube

However, we have seen an expansion on the platform front with Asphalt 9: Legends being available for Nintendo Switch players in October 2019. On top of that, we saw the game was further made available for Xbox One and Series X/S in August 2021.

The sky is the limit for Asphalt since it continues to deliver high-end graphics and improvements on its already impressive racing experience. If the game were to be released on Sony's powerful PlayStation console, who knows what could be achieved.

New Controls

Like all new Asphalt games, we can expect a smoother, high-end graphic and optimized gaming experience. Nitro Shockwave was an amazing introduction to the game as it added a new dimension to gameplay. We can only expect newer and better controls coming our way in the next installment.

Advancements in mobile software and hardware in general could also enable developers to push smoother tilt controls and maybe introduce new audio and vibrations interactions in the game.

New Cars

Cars are the biggest aspect of any Asphalt game. Currently in Legends, we have 166 cars and the number can only go higher as Gameloft eyes its target on giving players variety in the next game.

Esports Competitions

Gameloft has been rather transparent about its ambitions to elevate the Asphalt games into a large esports competition. Tournaments like Vodafone and ESL's Mobile Open Series have garnered a wide array of followers worldwide.

ESL Mobile Open
The ESL Mobile Open in 2020 | © ESL

Recently, Gameloft partnered with Indian esports company, Nodwin, to host esports competitions throughout India. Florent Vallauri, the managing director for the SEAP region at Gameloft, had this to say about the collaboration:

We believe, as a genre, arcade racing has the potential to connect with a larger gaming audience. This fits in well, offering racing experiences which let every one prove themselves in jaw-dropping races, feeling the thrill of high-end cars in a highly immersive environment

Altogether, the future seems bright for the Asphalt series. Stay tuned and watched this space for future updates!

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