Legends of Runeterra: Patch Notes 3.8

Riot Games had something special for Legends of Runeterra in Patch 3.8! It introduces the new expansion, Worldwalker, four new champions, over 65 new collectible cards and the release of the much anticipated The Path of Champions 2.0!

Patch 3.8 is here in Legends of Runeterra!
Patch 3.8 is here in Legends of Runeterra! | © Riot Games

Patch 3.7 was released not too long ago in Legends of Runeterra, but Riot couldn't wait and we have the next patch in the palm of our hands already! Some big and interesting changes - along with the new card expansion - is live already. But we've got your back and made this nifty little guide to all the new changes in the game. Check out all the details!

New Cards

The new card expansion, Worldwalker, has just been released. There are over 65 new collectible cards that add their own depth and dimension to the way games will play out in Legends of Runeterra. Check out all the new cards in the gallery here!

New Champions

Let's focus on the new champions that Riot has introduced into Legends of Runeterra. There are four of them. Three of these are four-cost cards with an Annie in the mix. Let's take a look at them and what decks you can expect them to be matched with!


1 New Card Jhin
New chamion Jhin in Legends of Runeterra. | © Riot Games

A big Champion in the game is Jhin - a four-cost 4/4 card (fitting right?) with Origin as a region. This means that they will definitely work with "Skills" cards.


Illaoi Lo R
Illaoi is a beefy 1/6 four-cost Champion | © Riot Games

Another four-cost champion enters the game. They will synergize well with the Spawn archetype because of its attack ability, Not to mention that they have a nifty little "Level-up" trait that will see this 1/6 card that can see Tentacles or deal 15 damage or more.


Bard Lo R
The Wandering Caretaker is here in Legends of Runeterra! | © Riot Games

This four-cost champion is a relatively stat-balanced card with 2/5 to match. Its region is Origin and has the potential to work with Chimes that synergize with your run-of-the-mill Rush/Aggro or Midrange decks.

On top of that, their Level Up ability is activated when the total stats of allies in play or in your hand have increased by 20 or more altogether.


Annie Lo R
Annie in Legends of Runeterra. | © Riot Games

The Winterlands' prodigious mage is here in Legends of Runeterra! As a one-cost champion with, admittedly, a weak 0/2 for stats, she has the potential to have some serious impact in any game.

Possible decks for this card are, but not limited to, Rush aggro decks that try to pair with the new Jhin card as well as Midrange decks that seek to control the board.

Besides this, her Level Up ability will be activated upon you playing six or more Fast/Slow spells or skills.

The Path of Champions 2.0

The new expansion, Worldwalker, brings a significant update to The Path of Champions. Here are all the details:

  • Two new Regions will be introduced: Noxus & Demacia
  • There will be new Permanent Progression Systems. They are:
    • Legend Levels that power up your whole champion roster
    • Champion Star Levels that grant your champions unique abilities and unlock new legs of their personal adventure
    • Revamped & expanded champion levels to power up your favorite champs to extraordinary new heights
  • New unique champion adventures that will introduce a new dynamic to the game
  • World Adventures are introduced to test your prowess with any of your champions

Confusing? Well, the Riot devs have you covered and released a video on the Legends of Runeterra YouTube channel explaining the recent changes.

Balance Changes

Two cards are on the receiving end of balance changes after the new Worldwalker expansion is released. The nerf changes are as follows:

  • Crackshot Corsair: Base stats are reduced from 1/2 to 1/1
  • Imperial Demolitionist: Base stats are reduced from 2/3 to 2/2

Bug Fixes

There are some minor bug fixes that Riot has decided to fix - some of which were desperately needed. Here are all the details:

  • Fixed an issue causing players to crash while viewing art in the Collection
  • Fixed an issue where a white circle was appearing in the center of the board for some tutorials
  • Fixed an issue where Encroaching Mist wasn’t properly displaying the Ephemeral icon
  • Fixed an issue where discarding cards that replace themselves wasn’t allowing Jinx to level up to Level 2
  • Swiftwing Lancer can no longer create itself
  • Fixed an issue where Overgrown Snapvine was soft locking the game upon emerging from Buried In Ice
  • Shadow Apprentice now has a previously missing effect icon
  • Winds of War now correctly heals your ally regardless of whether the enemy is there when the spell resolves
  • Ram Stance now resolves even if the selected unit leaves play
  • Transposition now uses the reduced cost of a unit which has had its cost reduced
  • Fixed an issue where Daybreak triggers from Morning Light was activating Leona’s level up progress
  • Added an error message when a player tries to move a challenged blocker