All Arcane Rewards In Legends of Runeterra: Skins, Emotes, Card Backs, And More

To celebrate the success of Arcane, Riot Games introduced a series of limited edition Arcane rewards to Legends of Runeterra. Here are all of them.

Legends of Runeterra Arcana Skins
Arcane Skins are here in Legends of Runeterra! | © Riot Games

The digital collectible card game already has some phenomenal card designs, emotes, icons and skins available in the game. And after the success of the League of Legends inspired Arcane on Netflix, Riot Games has added exclusive themed content based on the TV series.

We've got skins, emotes, icons and card backs! These are all the show-themed rewards that are in Legends of Runeterra!

All Arcane Skins Available

Arcane Skins Lo R
Arcane Jinx (top) and Arcane Vi (bottom). | © Riot Games

These skins are are surprisingly easy to get. In the table below, we've listed down the most recent tasks you had to complete in order to redeem them.

Arcane Skin

Tasks to Complete


Date Available

JayceWin 1 Game or Play 3 GamesPermanent Jayce Champion + Permanent Arcane Jayce SkinNovember 8 2021 - December 10 2021
CaitlynWin 1 Game or Play 3 GamesPermanent Caitlyn Champion + Permanent Arcane Caitlyn SkinNovember 8 2021 - December 10 2021
ViLog in once per day for 7 daysPermanent Arcane Vi SkinApril 27 2022 - May 11 2022
JinxLog in once per day for 7 daysPermanent Arcane Jinx SkinApril 27 2022 - May 11 2022

As part of Legends of Runeterra's second year anniversary earlier this year, Riot handed out free gifts to games after the release of patch 3.6. We'll cover that in the next section!


The tempered but fearsome Vi from the streets of Zaun received an emote art that properly describes her on a regular basis.

Vi Arcane emote
Legends of Runeterra Vi Arcane Emote. | © Riot Games

Card Backs

The cute and lovable Chip is throwing a party for Legends of Runeterra's second anniversary and you're invited! See how things turned out with limited edition card back.

Chip Card Back Lo R
Turning Two Card Back is messy! | © Riot Games


Two new player icons were introduced to the game. One is art based on Piltover, Valoran's cultural hub, or otherwise known as the City of Progress.

City of Progress Icon
City of Progress Icon in Legends of Runeterra. | © Riot Games

And who could forget an icon for Chip? He's adorable in this art:

Chip Party Icon
Chip Party Icon in Legends of Runeterra | © Riot Games

When is the Next Season of Arcane?

The first season of Arcane was released on Netflix in November 2021. It was a huge hit and fans have been waiting for a new season to build on the spectacular show that the first nine episodes put on. In response to the calls, Riot and Netflix announced that Season 2 of Arcane is expected to come out some time in 2022. No official release date has been confirmed so we might have to wait a little bit yet.

When the new season drops on Netflix, we can expect more content from the show to appear in Legends of Runeterra, so stay tuned!