Legends Of Runeterra: Guide To Legend Levels

Many Legends of Runeterra players are still unclear about what Legend Levels are. So today, we'll be answering your questions about Legend Levels, how you can climb them, and what rewards you can get!

Legend Levels Lo R
Here's your guide to Legend Levels in Legends of Runeterra! | © Riot Games

Legend Levels are essentially milestones that indicate the progress you've made in The Path of Champions game mode in Legends of Runeterra. As you reach each milestone - in this case, 'Levels' - you will receive rewards that will boost your inventory, provide you with in-game currencies, and improve your champion roster.

It's a relatively easy concept to understand. However, the team at Riot hasn't been able to give us players in Legends of Runeterra a proper rundown of how it works since The Path of Champions was first introduced to the game in early 2021.

Let's go over how Legend Levels work, how you can climb them, and what rewards you can expect to get.

How To Climb Up Legend Levels

Legend Points Lo R
Ascend Legend Levels with Legend Points! | © Riot Games

You will need Legend Points to climb up Legend Levels. Legend Points can be earned the first time you complete any adventure and whenever you complete a quest.

This can include completing adventures and quests such as:

  • Champion Campaigns
  • Chapter Quests
  • Daily Quests
  • Weekly Quests
  • World Adventures

Legend Level Rewards

Vault Legend Levels Lo R
Unlock Vaults as you progress through Legend Levels! | © Riot Games

There are currently 30 Legend Levels in The Path of Champions. Progressing through each level will reward you with a particular item. Note that the Legend Points required to ascend to the next level will increase with each passing level.

Here are all the Legend Levels and what rewards you can get from reaching them:

  • Level 1: 1 reroll
  • Level 2: Chapter Quests unlocked
  • Level 3: Path of Champions Daily and Weekly Quests unlocked
  • Level 4: Rare adventure content unlocked
  • Level 5: Guinsoo's Rageblade Relic
  • Level 6: Shop upgrade
  • Level 7: Silver Cosmic Vault
  • Level 8: 2 rerolls
  • Level 9: +10% Gold acquisition
  • Level 10: Healer upgrade
  • Level 11: 100 Starting Gold
  • Level 12: Rare Relic
  • Level 13: Shop upgrade
  • Level 14: Gold Cosmic Vault
  • Level 15: Healer upgrade
  • Level 16: +20% Gold acquisition
  • Level 17: Gold Cosmic Vault
  • Level 18: 3 rerolls
  • Level 19: Platinum Cosmic Vault
  • Level 20: Healer upgrade
  • Level 21: 6 Wild Fragments
  • Level 22: You may now see champions in reward picks and shops, Silver Reliquary
  • Level 23: Gold Vault
  • Level 24: +10% Gold Earned, 8 Wild Fragments
  • Level 25: Gold Vault
  • Level 26: +1 Reroll, Silver Reliquary
  • Level 27: 12 Wild Fragments
  • Level 28: +200 Starting Gold, Gold Vault
  • Level 29: 16 Wild Fragments
  • Level 30: Platinum Vault

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