Shindo Life Commands Complete List, How To Use

In this guide, we list all of the Shindo Life commands and how to use them.

Shindo Life
Shindo Life offers around thirty-nine console commands. | © ROBLOX

Console commands in Shindo Life are one of the best ways to perform specific actions quickly. From inviting players to your team to triggering duels, customizing the tailed beast color, Okami Dog color, and much more.

If you play or are planning to play Shindo Life, you must know about all console commands, as it will help ease your experience while giving you access to some additional features.

To help you out, we have listed every console command available in Shindo Life while talking about how you can use them in the game.

Shindo Life Commands Complete List

Shindo Life C Ommand list
You even use Shindo Life commands for training and war servers. | © RELL World

Here are all the working commands you can use in Shindo Life:

1!village [village name]Use this code to change the symbol of your headband.
2!TentacionUse this code to activate the Tentacion mode for tailed spirits.
3!nameUse this code to change your roleplay name.
4!beserkUse this code to attack nearby targets automatically.
5!spirit offUse this code to close the tailed beast customization menu.
6!spiritUse this code to customize the tailed spirit’s appearance and color. [Requires tailed spirit mode active, and you must have two spins to reroll the color.]
7!cdogUse this code to change the color of Okami's dog in exchange for 25 Robux.
8!leaveUse this code to leave a squad.
9!kick [username]Use this code to kick a user.
10!unrogueUse this code to remove the rogue status.
11!rogueUse this code to go rogue.
12!1v1 [username] [username]Use this code to train 1 vs 1.
13!ffoffUse this code to turn off friendly fire.
14!ffonUse this code to turn on friendly fire.
15!ccmdsUse this code to close the commands menu.
16!cmdsUse this code to check the list of available commands.
17!topadUse this code to TP to CPAD.
18!cancelUse this code to exit the mission.
19!accd [username]Use this code to accept a duel invitation.
20!duel [username]Use this code to duel a player.
21!acc [username]Use this code to accept an invite.
22!inv [username]Use this code to invite players.
23!squadYou can use the code to make a squad.
24!cpadsUse this for creating training.
25!beginUse this to start training.
26!endUse this to end training.
27!rewardUse this for training rewards.
28!bellUse this for bell training.
29!tmUse this for TDM training.
30!infUse this for info training.
31!pushupUse this for pushup exercise training.
32!treejumpUse this for tree jump exercise training.
33!ktrain [username]Use this for Kunai training.
34!spawn [mapname]Spawn a particular map in the war server.
35!despawnDespawn in war server.
36!game tdm, elimStart a team deathmatch in the war server.
37!endgameEnd a game in the war server.
38!team1/2Making a squad in war server.
39!spawn teamSpawn a team in the war server.

How To Use Commands In Shindo Life

Shindo Life Chat Window
You can press the '/' key or click/tap on the chat icon to open the chat window in Shindo Life. | © RELL World

To use console commands in Shindo Life, open the game and click the chat icon. Doing so will open the chat window with the field where you can enter and use console commands to perform certain actions.

That concludes our guide on Shindo Life console commands and how to use them.

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