Slap Battles Recall Glove: How To Get And Use

This guide explains how exactly you can get the Recall Glove and the Repressed Memory Badge in Slap Battles.

Slap Battles 1
Here's a guide on how to get Recall Gloves and the Repressed Memory badge in Slap Battles. | © Tencelll

Slap Battles offer a plethora of gloves with unique looks and abilities that you can use to slap your opponents into oblivion. Among the list of gloves currently present in the game, we have the Recall Glove that many players fail to obtain.

So if you are one such player, this guide is for you as we explain how you can get and use the Recall Glove.

How To Get Recall Glove In Slap Battles

Slap Battles
The Repressed Memory badge is associated with the Recall Glove in Slap Battles. | © Tencelll

In Slap Battles, you can get the Recall Glove by answering a set of questions and performing specific tasks asked by an NPC found at the temple that you can reach using the Reverse Glove. Though the chance of getting there is based on RNG.

That being said, follow the below steps in order to get the Recall Gloves in Slap Battles.

  • Equip a Reverse Glove and enter the normal arena
  • Make sure your opponent also has the Reverse Glove
  • Use the Reverse Glove ability
  • After that, start slapping each other
  • If you are lucky, you will get teleported to a temple
  • Assuming you managed to reach the temple, look for the NPC that looks like you
  • Interact with him and answer the quiz

Once that is done, you will get the Recall Glove in Slap Battles. Also, if you are struggling with the Recall Glove quiz, check out our guide on Slap Battles Recall Glove quiz answers (Temple quiz).

How To Use Recall Glove In Slap Battles

To use the Recall Glove in Slap Battles, simply head towards the bridge-like area where all gloves are found. Look for the Recall Glove, hover over it, and then press and hold the 'E' key to use it.

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