Tower Of Fantasy Twitch Drops Event: Rewards, How To Claim, Bonus Mission, More

You can watch streamers play the highly-anticipated mobile game, Tower of Fantasy, on Twitch and get amazing, free in-game rewards! Here's how.

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Get these free Twitch rewards for Tower of Fantasy! | © Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy is a new open-world MMORPG mobile game that everyone is hyped about! Gearing up for its global release on August 11, 2022, the developers have teamed up with Twitch using the Twitch Drops feature for a special event that will give away free rewards to viewers. There will also be a bonus mission to decide which faction is the best in the game.

Here's everything you need to know about it!

Tower Of Fantasy Twitch Drops Event Period

The special Twitch Drops event will begin on August 11 and end on August 13, 2022. You can participate in the event by watching officially sanctioned Twitch steamers playing Tower of Fantasy

How To Claim Tower Of Fantasy Twitch Drops

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Here is how you can claim your Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops. | © Twitch

This is how you can claim your Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops during this special event. The instructions are simple and you should be able to collect your rewards without any issues:

  1. First, you have to visit Twitch’s campaign page.
  2. Sign in using the Twitch account you want to claim your drops with.
  3. Find "Tower of Fantasy" in the campaign list and select it.
  4. Click "Connect".
  5. Proceed by signing into your Tower of Fantasy account.
  6. Collect your rewards at the end of the event by going to the Twitch Drops Inventory page. Select "Claim Now" on your Tower of Fantasy rewards.

Keep in mind that your Twitch account will need to have the Drops feature activated for these steps to work.

All Twitch Drop Rewards

This is a complete breakdown of the Twitch Drops you can receive as a viewer:

Twitch Drop NameCumulative Watch TimeRewards
Gift Pack IThirty minutes1x Black Nucleus and 1x Vanguard Trailblazer
Gift Pack IIOne hour50x Dark Crystals and 5x random SR Relic Shard boxes
Gift Pack IIITwo hours100x Dark Crystals and 10x random SR Relic Shard boxes
Gift Pack IVThree hours1x Gold Nucleus and 15x random SR Relic Shard boxes
Gift Pack VFour hours2x Golf Nucleus and 1x Illusory Link

Be sure to claim your Twitch Drops before the end of the event on August 13, 2022, at 11:59 pm PDT.

Bonus Mission: Outposts Challenge Points Competition

Factions Towerof Fantasy
Outposts Challenge Points Competition will be a bonus mission of this event! | © Hotta Studio

At the end of the Tower of Fantasy's live event period, Hotta Studio will assign 1-5 points to each of the five factions in the bonus mission: Outposts Challenge Points Competition. First place will receive five points, second place four, third place three, and so on. These factions are Astra, Banges, Navia, Crown, and Warren.

The points will be granted based on their rankings in each of the following categories:

  • Number of guild members of each outpost (where streamer must be the founder)
  • The average level of streamers in each outpost.
  • Average map explored rate of the streamers in each outpost.

Besides this, audience assistance points will be assigned to each outpost where the outpost with the highest tweet volume will get two points every day for the duration of the event. These are calculated by the use of the faction hashtags (#TeamAstra, #TeamBanges, #TeamNavia, #TeamCrown, or #TeamWarren) so be sure to tweet about your favorite factions with their respective hashtags!

The final placing result will be announced a week on the Tower of Fantasy Twitter page after this Twitch Drop event ends. The reward? Bragging rights about which faction is the best, of course!

You can read more about this bonus mission and the Twitch Drops event on the official Tower of Fantasy site.