Genshin Impact Girdle Of The Sands Dendroculus Location, Interactive Map And More

This guide shares the location of all Dendroculus in the Girdle of the Sands sub-region of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Dendroculus 1
Here are all Dendroculus that you can find in the Girdle of the Sands sub-region of Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

With the release of Genshin Impact 3.6 'A Parade of Providence' update, we got a new sub-region called Girdle of the Sands that holds the final Dendroculus you need to max out the Sumeru Statue of Seven.

While you can find the Dendroculus while exploring Girdle of the Sands, finding each of them quickly is a daunting task. In the wake of that, we are here with a handy location guide on where to find all Dendroculus in the Girdle of the Sands region in Genshin Impact.

All Dendroculus In Girdle Of The Sands In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Dendroculus
The Dendroculus are well hidden around the Girdle of the Sands. | © HoYoverse

The Girdle of the Sands sub-region holds a total of thirty-six Dendroculus that you can collect by going near them.

To make sure you are not wasting a lot of time in hunting the Dendroculi, we have shared a map screenshot that marks the location of all Dendroculus in Girdle of the Sands:

All Dendroculus Location In Genshin Impact
You can use this map as a reference to locate the Dendroculus. | © HoYoverse/App Sample

That being said, once you have the Dendroculus, you can head to any Statue of Seven around Sumeru and interact with it. Doing so will give you the option to 'Worship Statue.'

Select the said option and offer the Dendroculus to level up the statue and receive rewards like Primogems, Dendro Sigils, Sumeru Shrine of Depths key, and more.

Genshin Impact Statue of Seven
Interact with the Statue of Seven and offer Dendroculus to receive rewards. | © HoYoverse

If you are having trouble locating the Dendroculus, you can check out the Genshin Impact Interactive Map to pinpoint its location to quicken the search.

That concludes our guide on all Dendroculus locations in Genshin Impact.

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