Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies: Characters, Rarity, Attack Type & Position

We show you all the Cookies that are currently available in Cookie Run: Kingdom and their attack type and position.

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There are many characters that you can get in Cookie Run: Kingdom. | © Devsisters

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an amazingly sweet gacha game that is all about team building and raising a kingdom. Throughout the journey of creating the best Cookie Kingdom you can, you will meet a swath of funny, sweet, and sour Cookies. All of them have their own backstories, powers, and personalities to boot.

There are currently 101 Cookies currently in the game that can be obtained by gacha or other means. It can be tricky to remember all of them.

Lucky for you, we have made a list of all the current sweet Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

All Cookies In Cookie Run: Kingdom

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All of our Cookie Run: Kingdom cookie friends are divided into their own special category. | © Devsisters

There are seven Cookie rarities in Cookie Run Kingdom: Common, Rare, Special, Epic, Super Epic, Ancient, and Legendary. We've divided them all into their respective rarities, attack types, and positions below.

Common Cookies

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Common Cookies are as basic as they come. | © Devsisters

Starting with the Common Cookies. These are the basic cookies that you will get throughout the game. You can think of them as the main characters of the story more so than just being a 1-Star unit.

Here are the Common Cookies:

CookieAttack TypePosition
Angel CookieHealingRear
Beet CookieRangedRear
Ginger BraveChargeFront
Muscle CookieChargeFront
Strawberry CookieDefenseFront
Wizard CookieMagicMiddle

Rare Cookies

Princess Cookie
Princess Cookie is one of the many Rare Cookies available in the game. | © Devsisters

Rare Cookies get their name from, well, their rarity. They have an extremely low drop rate so it can be tricky to get them in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Regardless, once you get them, they boast incredible stats and utility for your team.

Here are the Rare Cookies:

Cookie NameAttack TypePosition
Adventurer CookieAmbushMiddle
Alchemist CookieBomberMiddle
Avocado CookieDefenseFront
Blackberry CookieMagicRear
Carrot CookieSupportMiddle
Cherry CookieBomberRear
Clover CookieSupportRear
Custar Cookie IIIHealingRear
Devil CookieMagicMiddle
Gumball Cookie


Knight CookieDefenseFront
Onion CookieSupportMiddle
Pancake CookieAmbushRear
Princess CookieChargeFront

Special Cookies

BTS X Cookie run kingdom collab feature
The BTS boys are all Special Cookies. | © Devsisters

The Special Cookies category is full to the brim with Cookies you can only get from special events, hence the name. We got Sonic, Tails, and the members from BTS.

Here are the Special Cookies:

NameAttack Type
Sonic CookieAmbushMiddle
Tails CookieAmbushMiddle
j-hope CookieBTSRear
Jimin CookieBTSRear
Jin CookieBTSRear
Jung Kook CookieBTSRear
RM CookieBTSRear
SUGA CookieBTSRear
V CookieBTS


Epic Cookies

Cocoa cookie run kingdom
The cutest cookie of them all, Cocoa. | © Devsisters

Epic Cookies are the ones who should be considered to be 2-Star units in the game. You will see these characters throughout the story too, and they will usually be the cool cookies in each act that save the day.

Here are the Epic Cookies:


Attack Type
Dark Choco CookieChargeFront
Purple Yam CookieChargeFront
Werewolf CookieChargeFront
Kumiho CookieChargeFront
Red Velvet CookieChargeFront
Raspberry CookieChargeFront
Mala Sauce CookieChargeFront
Tea Knight CookieChargeFront
Crunchy Chip CookieChargeFront
Space DoughnutChargeFront
Milky Way CookieChargeFront
Madeleine CookieDefenseFront
Milk CookieDefenseFront
Strawberry Crepe CookieDefenseFront
Moon Rabbit CookieDefenseFront
Cocoa CookieDefenseFront
Wildberry CookieDefenseFront
Financier CookieDefenseFront
Kouign-Amann CookieDefenseFront
Licorice CookieMagicMiddle
Snow Sugar CookieMagicMiddle
Espresso CookieMagicMiddle
Latte CookieMagicMiddle
Mango CookieMagicMiddle
Squid Ink CookieMagicMiddle
Pumpkin Pie CookieMagicMiddle
Macaron CookieMagicMiddle
Blueberry Pie CookieMagicMiddle
Rye CookieRangedRear
Tiger Lily CookieRangedRear
Pastry CookieRangedRear
Twizzly Gummy CookieRangedRear
Caramel Arrow CookieRangedFront
Chili Pepper CookieAmbushMiddle
Vampire CookieAmbushRear
Black Raisin CookieAmbushMiddle
Sorbet Shark CookieAmbushMiddle
Cherry Blossom CookieAmbushRear
Poison Mushroom CookieBomberMiddle
Affogato CookieBomberMiddle
Captain Caviar CookieBomberMiddle
Pinecone CookieBomberFront
Prune Juice CookieBomberMiddle
Mint Choco CookieSupportRear
Pomegranate CookieSupportMiddle
Almond CookieSupportRear
Cream Puff CookieSupportRear
Fig CookieSupportMiddle
Lilac CookieSupportMiddle
Parfait CookieSupportRear
Prophet CookieSupportRear
Cotton CookieSupportRear
Eclair CookieSupportMiddle
Candy Diver CookieSupportRear
Herb CookieHealingRear
Sparkling CookieHealingRear
Cream Unicorn CookieHealingRear
Carol CookieHealingRear

Super Epic Cookies

Sherbet Cookie
Sherbet Cookie is a Super Epic Cookie. | © Devsisters

Super Epic Cookies are the Gods, Kings, and Queens of the universe. They will usually be the rarest pull from a gacha banner. In short, they're Ultra Rare Cookies.

Here are the Super Epic Cookies, their attack type, and their position:

NameAttack Type
Capsaicin CookieChargeFront
Clotted Cream CookieMagicMiddle
Sherbet CookieRangedMiddle
Stardust CookieAmbushMiddle
Oyster CookieSupportRear

Ancient Cookies

Dark Cacao Cookie
Dark Cacao Cookie is a must-have in your Cookie Run: Kingdom team. | © Devsisters

Elder God tier Ancient Cookies - these gods control elements and space-time. These Cookies are essentially beyond our mortal comprehension.

Here are the Ancient Cookies:

NameAttack Type

Dark Cacao Cookie

Golden Cheese Cookie (not yet released)UnknownRear
Hollyberry CookieDefenseFront
Pure Vanilla CookieHealingRear
White Lily Cookie (not yet released)UnknownRear

Legendary Cookies

Sea fairy cookie run kigndom
The Sea Fairy is here to watch over you. | © Devsisters

These are the cookies that have earned their reputations through word of mouth by other cookies in the Kingdom. Cookies that ascended the mortal realm and became Legendary.

Here are the Legendary Cookies:

NameAttack Type
Sea Fairy CookieBomberMiddle
Frost Queen CookieMagicMiddle
Black Pearl CookieAmbushMiddle
Moonlight CookieMagicMiddle
Dark Enchantress Cookie (yet to be released)


Fire Spirit Cookie (yet to be released)UnknownUnknown
Millennial Tree Cookie (yet to be released)UnknownUnknown
Wind Archer Cookie (yet to be released)UnknownUnknown

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