Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Materials: All Ascension And Trace Level Up Materials Listed

This guide shares the complete list of ascension and trace level-up materials that you can use to max out Jingliu in Honkai Star Rail.

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Here's a guide on Jingliu ascension and Trace level-up materials. | © HoYoverse

Jingliu is a five-star Ice element user who belongs to The Destruction Path in Honkai Star Rail, making her a great DPS unit around which you can build teams to tackle the usual content or the Simulated Universe.

But to do that, you must first ascend her and reach max level and upgrade desired Traces. Once that is done, you can equip Light Cones that go well with her kit and move to tackle the variety of content offered in Honkai Star Rail.

To help players in ascending and upgrading Jingliu, we are here with a handy guide that lists all ascension and Trace level-up materials for Jingliu in Honkai Star Rail. So keep reading!

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Ascension Materials

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu
Jingliu has six ascension phases and can be leveled up to LVL 80. | © HoYoverse

Here are all the ascension materials you need for ascending Jingliu in Honkai Star Rail:

Ascension Level 1

  • Immortal Scionette x5
  • Credit x4,000

Ascension Level 2

  • Immortal Scionette x15
  • Credit x8,000

Ascension Level 3

  • Immortal Aeroblossom x6
  • Gelid Chitin x3
  • Credit x16,000

Ascension Level 4

  • Immortal Aeroblossom x9
  • Gelid Chitin x7
  • Credits x40,000

Ascension Level 5

  • Immortal Lumintwig x6
  • Gelid Chitin x20
  • Credits x80,000

Ascension Level 6

  • Immortal Lumintwig x9
  • Gelid Chitin x35
  • Credits x160,000

While you ascend Jingliu, you will need the following character level-up materials to reach Level 80, which is the current character max level in Honkai Star Rail, with her:

  • Traveler's Guide x289
  • Adventure Log x3
  • Travel Encounters x3

Once you have maxed her out, in the process, you will also obtain three Star Rail Passes that you can use to perform gacha pulls on the Honkai Star Rail Standard Banner.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Trace Materials

Jingliu honkai star rail
You can use the Trace level-up materials to level up different Trace of Jingliu in Honkai Star Rail. | © HoYoverse

Here is the complete list of Trace Level Up materials you need for Jingliu in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Credits x2,197,500
  • Shattered Blade x18
  • Lifeless Blade x69
  • Worldbreaker Blade x139
  • Immortal Scionette x41
  • Immortal Aeroblossom x56
  • Immortal Lumintwig x58
  • Regred of Infinite Ochema x12
  • Tracks of Destiny x8

The Immortal Scionette, Aeroblossom, and Lumintwig are Abominations of Abundance drops, whereas the Shattered Blade, Lifeless Blade, and Worldbreaker Blade are Calyx drops.

You can obtain the Regred of Infinite Ochema from the Echo of War challenges in Honkai Star Rail.

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