Rainbow Six Mobile: All Maps

A list of all the maps available in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Rainbow Six Mobile all maps
A look at every map available in Rainbow Six Mobile. | © Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Mobile is a mobile reimagining of Rainbow Six Siege, featuring many of the same operators, maps, and game modes seen in the mainline game.

The game is currently in closed beta, a period of testing which launched in September and arriving with a slew of new features like the battle pass and voice chat and one new map, bringing the total number in the game up to three.

All three maps will be recognizable to players who have played Siege; two were launch maps back in 2015, while Border was added the following year in the Dust Line update.

Border Rainbow Six Mobile
Border has been in the mainline game since 2016. | © Ubisoft

There will likely be more maps added before the game gets its global launch, and there will also likely be a point where the Rainbow Six Mobile developers go their own way with mobile-exclusive maps.

That's a part of the story that has yet to be told, but this is where it will be, as we are keeping a list of all the maps available in Rainbow Six Mobile from the early testing stages to long into its future.

All Maps In Rainbow Six Mobile

Currently, there are three maps in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Two of the maps, Bank and Border, were included with the closed alpha that launched back in May, while the third, Clubhouse, was added with the start of the closed beta in September.


Rainbow Six Mobile Maps Bank Ubisoft
A return of an iconic Rainbow Six map: Bank | © Ubisoft

One of Siege's most recognizable maps, Bank, was one of the first available in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Set in a bank situation in Los Angeles, this map captures everything that makes the Rainbow Six gameplay so rewarding. Attackers have the potential to come in through the roof, the two main floors, or the basement, creating endless tactical possibilities.

Inside, the bank is both gorgeous and suitably varied, with defenders able to create choke points and block access, making information gathering key in the planning phase key, as attackers will need to find where the defenders are holed up early or face having to methodically work through the bank's many levels and winding corridors.

Rainbow Six Mobile Bank map
Bank was one of the first maps in Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Mobile. | © Ubisoft

This map almost always ends in a bloodbath, as the defenders drop deeper and the attackers push to secure the objective, culminating in fierce and often chaotic gunfights.

Release date: May 2022 (closed alpha)


Border Rainbow Six Mobile
Dangers are everywhere on Border. | © Ubisoft

This map is set at a border crossing between two unnamed Middle Eastern countries.

This map is one of the game's most unforgiving. Almost every surface feels destructible, even if the reality is a bit different. It's a map where you can never escape the feeling you are being watched - a fact not helped by the large open areas you have to cover as an attacker.

Rainbow Six Mobile all maps border
Border is a difficult map to play because of all the space you have to cover. | © Ubisoft

Keep an eye on the windows, and whatever you do, don't assume that wall will be there forever.

Release date: May 2022 (closed alpha)


Rainbow Six Mobile clubhouse
Clubhouse is the newest map in the Rainbow Six Mobile playtests. | © Ubisoft

The newest map is another that has a long history in Rainbow Six Siege, being one the mainline game's launch maps.

The version in Rainbow Six Mobile is much the same, set in a biker gang's clubhouse in Germany; the map encompasses the clubhouse itself as well as a rather sprawling outdoor area.

Inside the clubhouse is a bar, hideout, basement, and several floors, which, whether you are attacking or defending, offers up endless tactical possibilities.

Rainbow Six Mobile Clubhouse
Clubhouse takes you deep inside the underground world of biker gangs. | © Ubisoft

Pre-round intelligence is hugely important on this map because, as an attacker, if you fail to discover where the bomb or the area you have to secure is, you will find yourself up against the clock once the round begins.

Release date: September 2022 (closed beta)

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