Wild Rift Pool Party Event: Challenges, Skins, Start/End Time, More

With skins for Caitlyn, Graves, Mundo, and Ziggs, Wild Rift's Pool Party event is the perfect way to cool off.

Temperatures are soaring. Aircon - if you are lucky enough to have it - is struggling to keep up. What you really need is a pool, and it is a beautiful, if blisteringly hot day, so a party doesn't seem a bad idea either.

Such things are hard to come by in a pinch (and not really worth it in Britain... the rain will return.), so thankfully, the team working on League of Legends: Wild Rift has brought theparty to our smartphones with a Pool Party event.

One of the most popular skin bundles, Pool Party takes the game's legends and gets them ready for the lounger with a cold drink in hand, and it doesn't take a lot of imagination to land on why these skins prove so popular.

This time around, we have skins for Caitlyn, Graves, Mundo, and Ziggs with an accompanying event that can earn you some pretty cool rewards.

Wild Rift Pool Party Event - Start And End Time

The Wild Rift Pool Party event starts on August 12 and ends on August 23.

This will be the time you can complete the accompanying event and potentially purchase the new Pool Party skins.

Once the event is over, these skins will be wrapped up once more, so if you are the life and soul of the party, don't wait around.

New Wild Rift Pool Party Skins

Before we take a look at Wild Rift's Pool Party event, let's take a quick look at the new skins.

Caitlyn Wild Rift Pool Party
Caitlyn, taking some time off her day job as sheriff of Piltover. | © Riot Games

This new batch of Pool Party skins features Caitlyn, Graves, Mundo, and Ziggs. They join the other legends who have previously been given Pool Party skins in Wild Rift, which listed include:

  • Pool Party Orianna
  • Pool Party Lee Sin
  • Pool Party Leona
  • Pool Party Lulu
  • Pool Party Renekton
  • Pool Party Fiora

There are a number of options for players looking to get the Pool Party skins and other cosmetic items, with all items sold individually or as part of the Pool Party bundle.

Ziggs Pool Party
Ziggs looks to be enjoying himself at the water park. | © Riot Games

The Pool Party bundle includes the four champions represented, as well as the Pool Party skins, and if you already have any of them, it is suitably reduced.

Graves Pool Party
Graves looks hard even at the beach. | © Riot Games

Individually each of the Pool Party skins are 990 Wild Cores (WC), except for Mundo, with his skin costing 725 WC.

At the higher price, the Pool Party skins are approximately $8 USD each. All four skins also have an alternative look which can be unlocked with Poro coins.

Mundo Pool Party
Mundo looks less intimidating when strumming a guitar. | © Riot Games

As a bundle, which includes player borders, emotes, custom recalls, and a bauble, it will set you back 9,455 WC or approx. $80. Though this could be cheaper for you based on the champions you already have in your inventory.

Wild Rift Pool Party Event - Missions And Rewards

With the elaborate Star Guardian event still in swing and Kassadian's Trial also running, it's perhaps no surprise that this Pool Party event is on the smaller side.

Sadly, there is no chance of earning a skin through some of the event's challenges, instead, there is a decent chunk of Poro coins, and the Surf's Up emote.

There are four missions that repeat daily in the Wild Rift Pool Party 2022 event.


Jump InPlay one match

3 XP

High DiveEarn 25,000 gold1 XP
In The Deep EndAs a team, defeat Baron Nashor1 XP
Suit UpPlay a match as, with, or against a Pool Party skin1 XP

Any Pool Party skin released in Wild Rift can be used for the last objective.


Now on to the rewards.

MilestoneXP RequiredReward
14 XP25 Poro coins
28 XP50 Poro coins
312 XP75 Poro coins
416 XP100 Poro coins
520 XPSurf's Up emote

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