Elemental Rift Changes In Wild Rift Patch 3.3

Elemental Rift has been an experimental game mode that Riot Games have been testing out in Wild Rift over the last few patches. In Patch 3.3, Elemental Rift will become a permanent feature in the game! Here's all the details.

Elemental Rift Wild Rif
Big changes are coming to Elemental Rift in Wild Rift! | © Riot Games

After a period of testing through some limited-time modes, the Elemental Rift map and mechanics are coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift. Introducing dragon spawns, Elder buffs, and Dragon Souls as part of the standard game mode as part of patch 3.3

Let's go over the previous versions of Elemental Rift and how patch 3.3 aims to improve upon this. We'll explain the new Dragon Slayer buffs, the Elder Dragon, and map changes that are coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift when the patch drops on July 13, 2022.

Previous Versions Of Elemental Rift

Elemental Rift Map Wild Rift
Riot has tested out various versions of Elemental Rift in the past... | © Riot Games

The Elemental Rift map was first introduced to League of Legends: Wild Rift in patch 3.1 and had minor changes in patch 3.2. It was a limited-time mode that saw the powerful Elder Dragon, Infernal Dragon, Mountain Dragon, and Ocean Dragon make their debut in the game. Each of these dragons altered the appearance of the map between matches depending on which dragon spawn and was subsequently slain.

With the limited-time mode acting as a test bench, Riot Games has decided to tweak and change these mechanics as it gets its full release in patch 3.3.

Patch 3.3 Updates To Elemental Rift

For patch 3.3, Elemental Rift will become a permanent fixture of the Wild Rift game by becoming the default map for all game modes on Summoner's Rift!

The Dragon Slayer buff will be updated with a new effect to reward players for slaying more dragons over the course of the game. Each Dragon kill will grant champions a buff in their respective Element. Killing multiple dragons will multiply the power of all of a champion's Elemental buffs. Stacking these dragon kills will mean a stronger champion as time goes on.

Dragons Wild Rift
Dragons will spawn if games draw out in Wild Rift! | © Riot Games

In patch 3.3, Elder Dragons spawn will spawn in the latter stages of games that run longer than s usual. This is an update to the earlier versions of Elemental Rift that saw them spawn early in games. Game Designer Michael Breese mentioned that Elder Dragons are great game-ending units whose buffs are especially useful in the late game.

That being said, taking down the Elder Dragons will provide champions with true damage and execution buffs that could prove absolutely game-changing in battles.

Map Changes Wild Rift
The map will change according to the Elements! | © Riot Games

The new version of Elemental Rift will utilize the Infernal, Ocean, and Mountain terrains that will change the shape of the map to match one of the Elements. This will occur after the first dragon kill and continue on with later dragon kills.

The Ocean Dragon spawning will make the grass, and honey fruit, in the jungle and dragon pit more plentiful, while Infernal will open up new paths and burn surrounding grass. The Mountain Dragon creates additional walls around the jungle and dragon pit. while the Cloud Dragon creates wind tunnels that help you move quicker through the jungle and dragon pit.

These are all the new changes coming to Elemental Rift in Wild Rift's patch 3.3. Note that these adjustments are not final. Riot Games have assured players that tune-up and changes will be a possibility in future patches.

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