Wild Rift Icons Global Championship: Schedule, How To Watch, Teams, More

The Wild Rift Icons Global Championship is reaching its conclusion, here is everything you need to know about Wild Rift's premier esport event.

Wild Rift Icon Global Championship
Wild Rift Icon Global Championship is set to take place in Singapore. | © Riot Games

Since the game's release near the end of 2020, Riot Games has been looking to establish Wild Rift as one of mobile gaming's premier esports. Those efforts have now culminated in the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship which, after grueling regional tournaments, sees the world's best teams compete in a world championship format similar to that seen at League of Legends' Worlds.

Play-ins are over, and the group stage is about to begin, with $2 million up for grabs, this is set to be a blockbuster event. For all the info including how to watch, the qualified teams, and the format, keep on reading.

Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 - Schedule And Format

Taking place in Singapore, at the Sun Tec Convention and Exhibition Center, after visa issues scuppered a European-based event, the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship is set to have its group stage kick off on Tuesday, June 21 with the grand finals taking place on Saturday, July 9. Play-ins have already taken place with the top two teams from each of the four groups confirming their place in the group stage.

The full schedule is as follows:

Group Stage - June 21-25

  • 16 teams are divided into four groups of 4 teams, with teams in the same Play-ins group shall not be drawn into the same group, while a maximum of 2 teams from the same region can be drawn into the same group.
    • Each region champion will be placed directly at this stage
    • Double Elimination Bracket
    • All matches are played in a Bo3
    • Top 2 teams from each group advance to knockout stage

Knockout Stage And Grand Final - July 1-9

  • Single elimination
  • Quarterfinals and semifinals are played in a Bo5
  • Finals is played in a Bo7

The game will be played on patch 3.2b which introduced Nautilus and Pyke to the game's roster of champions.

Wild Rift Icons Global Championship start time
Nautilus will be making his debut to the rift on the same day the group stages kick-off. | © Riot Games

Here is the official ruleset of the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship.

Prize pool

There is $2 million up for grabs with $640,000 going to the team that comes in first, and $320,000 for the runners-up. We will update this page with all the results as they happen, so bookmark it if you are interested.


Heading into the group stage are sixteen teams with representatives from every corner of the globe including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia with esport organizations such as FunPlus Pheonix, Team Queso, and Immortals all fielding teams. Eight teams earned their spot through various regional tournaments, while the other eight got their places through the play-in.

  • FunPlus Phoenix (WRL)
  • Team Flash (Champions SEA)
  • KT Rolster (WCK)
  • Sengoku Gaming (Japan Cup)
  • Omegha E-sports (Wild Tour)
  • Leviatán (Open Latinoamerica)
  • Immortals (North American Series)
  • Team Queso (EMEA Championship)
  • JD Gaming
  • Nova Esports
  • J Team
  • Unsold Stuff Gaming
  • Flash Wolves
  • Rex Regum Qeon
  • Buriram United Esports
  • Sentinels
  • Rix.GG
  • Game-Lord
  • Freecs
  • T1
  • Furious Gaming
  • STMN Esports
  • Keyd Stars
  • Liberty

How To Watch / Twitch Drops

Every stage of the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship is being made available for viewers to tune into. The next stage is the group stage with viewers able to tune in via the official stream and from various watch parties held by renowned content creators.

The event can be watched on YouTube and Twitch. We have embedded the Twitch channel for you below.

There are also Twitch Drops available which can be earned through watching the official stream, there are four rewards in total. For more information on the Wild Rift Icons Twitch drops check out our explainer.

Final Group Standings

Group A



Nova Esports2-0
Team Flash2-1

These were the match results for Group A:

  • T1 vs. Team Flash: 0-2
  • Nova Esports vs. Leviatán: 2-0
  • Team Flash vs. Nova Esports: 0-2
  • T1 vs. Leviatán: 2-0
  • Team Flash vs. T1: 2-0

The teams advancing from Group A to the Knockout stage are Nova Esports and Team Flash.

Group B

J Team2-0
Rex Regum Qeon2-1
Sengoku Gaming1-2
Team Queso0-2

These were the match results for Group B:

  • Rex Regum Qeon vs. Sengoku Gaming: 2-0
  • J Team vs. Team Queso: 2-0
  • Rex Regum Qeon vs. J Team: 1-2
  • Sengoku Gaming vs. Team Queso: 2-1
  • Rex Regum Qeon vs. Sengoku Gaming: 2-0

The teams advancing from Group B to the Knockout stage are J Team and Rex Regum Qeon.

Group C


FunPlus Phoenix2-0
Flash Wolves2-1
Omegha E-sports1-2
Buriram United Esports


These were the match results for Group C:

  • Flash Wolves vs. FunPlus Phoenix: 0-2
  • Bururam United Esports vs. Omegha E-sports: 0-2
  • FunPlus Phoenix vs. Omegha E-sports: 2-0
  • Flash Wolves vs. Buriram United Esports: 2-1
  • Omegha E-sports vs. Flash Wolves: 1-2

The teams advancing from Group C to the Knockout stage are FunPlus Phoenix and Flash Wolves.

Group D


JD Gaming2-0
KT Rolster2-1

These were the match results for Group D:

  • Liberty vs. KT Rolster: 1-2
  • JD Gaming vs. Immortals: 2-0
  • KT Rolster vs. JD Gaming: 1-2
  • Liberty vs. Immortals: 1-2
  • KT Rolster vs. Immortals: 2-0

The teams advancing from Group D to the Knockout stage are JD Gaming and KT Rolster.


The eight teams who advanced from the Group stages to the Knockout stages then proceeded to battle it out in the the quarter-final matches. These matches are single-elimination where teams battle it out in a Best of five. Here are the results:


Nova Esports vs. KT Rolster

FunPlus Phoenix vs. Rex Regum Qeon3-0
J Team vs. Flash Wolves3-1
JD Gaming vs. Team Flash0-3

The lucky teams who made it out of their respective quarter-final matches are Nova Esports, FunPlus Phoenix, J Team, and Team Flash.


The semi-final matches will be played between July 5-6, 2022. As mentioned earlier, the matchups are organized in a single-elimination Best of five format.

We've seen the results of the first semi-final match, while the latter will be played on July 6, 2022

  • Nova Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix: 3-1
  • J Team vs. Team Flash: 3-0

This means that Nova Esports and J Team are your finalists in the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship!

You can catch the last final match that will be held on July 9, 2022 on the official Wild Rift Esports website here!

Stay tuned as we'll update this page with the latest results.