Wild Rift To Get Legendary Queue To Improve Ranked Experience

Ranked Season 6 of Wild Rift will see the introduction of a new Legendary queue.

Wild rift rank legendary queue
Wild Rift is to get a new ranked experience with the Legendary queue. | © Riot Games

There have often been complaints about the rank system seen in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Riot Games' mobile MOBA has a poor reputation among even the biggest fans of the game with many citing the ranked experience as too easy and highly toxic.

The developers have introduced various measures and tweaks to the system since its release but nothing has managed to shake the feeling that something isn't quite right. Whether it be the fact there is no SoloQ to the removal of the Promotional Matches - everyone has a reason why it doesn't work.

Now, the developers have revealed that a brand new Legendary queue is being added to the game which will stand above Diamond+ and offer players a new challenge.

Wild Rift To Get Legendary Queue

This new Legendary queue aims to create a higher and more expansive level of ranked play that is currently seen in the game and will effectively act as a separate ranked system that sits atop the current system with no connective tissue except the need to get to Diamond+ in the first system to get into the second - and that is by design.

Wild Rift rank mode 3
Wild Rift's ranking system is changing with Season 6. | © Riot Games

Don't believe us? Then consider this, the new Legendary queue will be SoloQ only and none of your matchmaking rating (MMR) from the previous ranked system will have any determination on your matches up in the new Legendary queue. This Legendary queue will also only be open for certain hours of the day, and you will only gain points for wins. You will also only be matched with teammates one major rank away from you, giving teams a much more level skill gap.

All-in-all a very different, and more difficult, system than what is seen in the normal ranked queue which allows you to party up and subsequently wildly inflated ranks.

"There will be six new major ranks in this new queue, and each rank will have four sub-tiers to climb your way through. Similar to how Diamond+ has worked in the past, with our current ranking system, to rank up, you'll have to earn enough Legendary Points to hit each new milestone," explained Wild Rift Principal Game Designer, Josh Menke in a recent developer blog. "You’ll only be able to earn Legendary Points if you and your team can clutch out a win, and the number of points you earn will be based on your skill and the skill of your opponents."

The Legendary queue will be introduced with the release of Ranked Season 6 with the queue becoming activated a "few weeks" after the new season begins.

The Legendary Ranks are as follows:

  • Warrior VI-I
  • Commander VI-I
  • Guardian VI-I
  • Vanquisher VI-I
  • Immortal VI-I
  • Legend

Those who reach Legend status will earn a place on a global leaderboard that will rank them against the very best in the world.

There will also be changes to the original rank system with ranked marks now extending all the way to Challenger. Players will need now, instead of gaining and losing Victory Points (VP) will need to earn six ranked marks to progress through each tier of Diamond. A similar system is seen in Masters, though Challenger and Grandmaster remain unchanged.

For all the details, check out the official dev blog.

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