Wild Rift Patch 3.3: New Champions Kassadin, Samira, and Sion

Patch 3.3 is upon us in Wild Rift! The Riot Games team has revealed new information about what's to come but the buzz is about the new champions! Let's take a look at them!

Patch Widl Rift
Here's a snapshot of the Patch 3.3 in League of Legends: Wild Rift! | © Riot Games

Wild Rift patch 3.3 will be called Shining Bright! Riot Games have introduced big changes to champions, Elemental Rift, gameplay, ranked mode, skins, and more! Patch 3.3 will be released in Wild Rift on July 14, 2022. Just enough time to familiarize ourselves with all the new features and adjustments coming to the game.

For this guide, we'll focus on the three new champions coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift, their passives, abilities, and their ultimates! So without further ado, let's look at the new champions!


Three new Champions are coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift - Kassadin, Samira, and Sion! Each of which specializes in the three different lanes. Here's a breakdown of each champion and their abilities.


Kassadin Wild Rift
Kassadin will be coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift! | © Riot Games

League of Legends' infamous Void Walker - Kassadin - will join Wild Rift in patch 3.3! He will be a melee mid-laner who can scale powerfully into the late game and have carry potential. Kassadin will also be able to disable champions in battles. Here are all of his abilities:

  • Void Stone: A passive shielding Kassadin from magic damage after casting a spell near an enemy.
  • Null Sphere: Kassadin will fire a Null Sphere that briefly silences the targeted unit. It will be a powerful ability to use on enemies that rely heavily on spells to deal magic damage.
  • Nether Blade: Kassadin's next attack will be empowered. She will gain additional range, bonus damage, and mana if they hit a champion with this attack. The cooldown resets after it kills a target, making it a good tool, especially for farming.
  • Force Pulse: This ability will deal magic damage and slow units within a cone area. The damage output of Force Pulse will increase if spells are cast nearby.
  • Riftwalk: This ultimate will allow Kassadin will blink to a target location and damage nearby enemies. Casting Riftwalk again within a few seconds deals more damage but costs double the amount of mana. It's a perfect ultimate against low-HP champions.


Samira Wild Rift
The ever-stylish Samira joins the ranks. | © Riot Games

The Desert Rose, Samira, is here to dominate the Dragon Lane! She is a ranged champion (with a melee twist) who can unleash quick and devastating damage both close-range and from a distance. Here's a rundown of her abilities:

  • Daredevil Impulse: Samira's passive. When Samira is within range with other champions, she will swap her pistols out for a short-range blade attack which will deal bonus damage. When attacking an immobilized enemy, she'll dash into range. If the champion is airborne, Samira will knock them up for a few extra seconds.
  • Flair: Samira will fire a single shot. However, if an enemy is in front of her, she will slash in a cone range instead.
  • Blade Whirl: Samira will generate an area around her that will destroy all projectiles. It's prime for escaping from close-range battles or surprise ambushes.
  • Wind Rush: This will allow Samira to dash toward an enemy champion or structure - slashing anything between her and the target. Other abilities can be cast while she is performing her dash.
  • Inferno Trigger: An interruptible ultimate that has no cooldown. The big point is that players will need S-grade Style to perform this. Style can be stacked by dealing damage to champions with abilities or attacks. Each unique source will grant a Style stack. Once the maximum number of stacks is reached, Inferno Trigger can be unleashed. Blade Whirl cannot be activated during this.


Sion Wild Rift
Sion will unleash Hell in Wild Rift! | © Riot Games

The Undead Juggernaut, Sion, will rise in Wild Rift, and he's coming for all who dwell in the Baron Lane! He is a melee champion whose strengths lie in their ability to initiate battles and tank damage during firefights.

  • Glory in Death: This passive will allow Sion to keep fighting even after death. Shortly after dying, he will briefly come back with Lifesteal and Tenacity. Sion's abilities are replaced with Death Surge, which grants him additional movement speed. In this afterlife mode, health quickly deteriorates; however, bonus health will be rewarded if Sion kills a unit or a champion!
  • Decimating Smash: Casting this ability once will start channeling the swing of Sion's axe. Casting this ability a second time will bring the axe down. Channeling Decimating Smash long enough will change the slow effect result into a knockup.
  • Soul Furnace: This ability grants Sion a shield that will explode with a second cast of Soul Furnace.
  • Roar of the Slayer: Deals magic damage, slows, and reduces the armor of the first enemy hit. If a minion is hit, they will be knocked back, and the same effects will be applied to all enemies in the path of the Roar. Ganks can be easily achieved if Decimating Smash is followed-up after Roar of the Slayer.
  • Unstoppable Onslaught: Sion's Ultimate will make him the perfect initiator. Casting this will charge him forward in a target direction (changing direction is possible during this charge, but turning will be slow). When Sion collides with an enemy or terrain during this charge, he slams the ground to deal damage and knockup in an area. The further the distance Sion travels in during charge, the longer the knockup will be. Players don't have to worry about charging from a distance as Sion will be immune to all crowd control abilities. Casting Unstoppable Onslaught a second time during the charge will end it early.

That's the complete rundown of all the champions and their in-game abilities. If you need a refresher about the champions in patch 3.3 that are coming to Wild Rift, check out the preview video released by the Riot Games team on the official YouTube page below:

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