Clash Royale Balance Changes: June 2022

Balance changes are here in Clash Royale! Supercell has recently unveiled nine cards that will receive a buff or nerf. Here's all you need to know about them.

Balance Changes in Clash Royale
Balance changes are here in Clash Royale! | © Supercell

The next round of balances are live in Clash Royale right now! Released on June 7, we've got a set of buffs and nerfs that could potentially shake up the current meta. Some of the most consistent and powerful cards were listed in the balance changes so hold your breath if you're thinking you might see your favorite card here.

Well, enough chit-chat, let's take a look at all of the balance changes!



Barbarians got a massive upgrade in Clash Royale!
Barbarians got a massive upgrade in Clash Royale! | © Supercell

Barbarians received the biggest upgrade in Clash Royale! This affects four cards: Barbarians, Battle Ram, Barbarian Hut, and the Barbarian Barrel.

The change is as follows:

  • Hit Speed: 7% faster

Electro Giant

Electro Giant in Clash Royale
Supercell are adjusting the Electro Giant's weakness! | © Supercell

The latest rework introduced to Clash Royale made Electro Giants slightly on the weaker side in terms of Hitpoints. Supercell recognized this wasn't exactly worth it even with the reduced Elixir cost.

The stat changes are as follows:

  • Hitpoints: +9%

A slight note to add from Supercell:

This change is roughly halfway between its old 8 Elixir Hitpoint values and his current.

Mother Witch

Mother Witch
Mother Witch received a buff in Clash Royale | © Supercell

Supercell noticed that the last balance change saw the Mother Witch's win, and use, rates drop. So in response, the June buff counters the previous hitpoints nerf with a damage per second (DPS) increase. This will allow her to summon Cursed Hogs faster.

The detailed stats are:

  • First Hit: +25% faster
  • Hit Speed: +9% faster

Night Witch

Night Witch in Clash Royale
The Night Witch received a Hit Speed upgrade! | © Supercell

The Night Witch has found it difficult to find her place in the current Clash Royale meta ever since Supercell removed her Death Spawn Bats. So in response to that, the devs are increasing her slow Hit Speed to "emphasize her role as a dual support/Damage dealer."

The stat boost is as follows:

  • Hit Speed: +13% faster


Barbarian Barrel

Barbarian Barrel in Clash Royale
This is the Barbarian's face after finding out about this nerf... | © Supercell

The Barbarian Barrel is notoriously one of the strongest cards in Clash Royale. Unfortunately, its consistent performance isn't too appreciated so Supercell has reduced its range to allow the Barbarian to only hit the tower once instead of twice.

The stat change is as follows:

  • Range: decreased from 5 tiles to 4.5 tiles

Goblin Drill

The Goblin Drill in Clash Royale
The Goblin Drill will be slower now! | © Supercell

Some of you might have noticed that a recent change to the Mighty Miner’s mechanic had an unfortunate knock-on effect. This saw that the Goblin Drill's speed was accidentally increased so this was fixed.

The stat change is as follows:

  • Travel Speed: 25% slower

Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost
The Royal Ghost isn't too happy with this nerf... | © Supercell

Many powerful meta decks have the Royal Ghost in them for that extra added value. So Supercell is experimenting with fixes and trying to see if having him invisible longer will improve the overall meta.

The stat change is as follows:

  • Invisibility cooldown: increase from 1.6 seconds to 1.8 seconds

Skeleton King

The Skeleton King in Clash Royale
The Skeleton King's horde of undead is now smaller... | © Supercell

The Skeleton King can a difficult person to deal with when he has collected enough souls. A minor nerf about the maximum number of skeletons was introduced to hopefully give opponents a better fighting chance.

The stat change is as follows:

  • Soul Summoning Ability: Decrease maximum Skeleton count from 20 to 18

The Log

The Log in Clash Royale
The Log will now have less range in Clash Royale | © Supercell

The Log can fit into almost any deck because it's both powerful and flexible. After receiving tons of player feedback, Supercell has decided to keep the knockback ability as it is but reduce the Crown Tower damage. So don't worry! Log bait will still be able to be dealt with.

The stat change is as follows:

  • Damage dealt to Crown Towers: Decrease from 30% to 20% (overall a 33% damage decrease before the change)