Best AWM Loadout For PUBG Mobile: Complete Attachment Setup

Here's the best AWM Loadout for PUBG Mobile. You can expect your performance significantly increase using this attachment build.

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We'll show you the best AWM loadout and attachment setup in PUBG Mobile. | © Tencent Games

Using the proper attachment build is crucial for the AWM - one of the most potent weapons in PUBG Mobile. A correctly chosen scope, muzzle, magazine, and stock can sharply change your in-game experience and make you much more effective with this weapon.

In this article, players can discover the best AWM loadout for PUBG Mobile. Moreover, we also described the function of each attachment in our AWM loadout.

Best AWM Loadout In PUBG Mobile

Best AWM Loadout PUBG Mobile
An overview of the best AWM loadout in PUBG Mobile. | © Tencent Games

Note that using the correct attachments won't make you a pro with AWM. Effective use requires extensive experience and perfect aiming skills, which is a matter of practice.

Here is the best AWM loadout in PUBG Mobile:

  • Muzzle: Suppressor
  • Stock: Cheek Pad
  • Magazine: Extended Quick Draw Magazine
  • Scope: 8x Scope

The Suppressor muzzle works perfectly for AWM as it reduces the weapon's noise and slightly decreases the recoil that can be annoying in long-distance encounters.

The Cheek Pad slightly reduces the scope time, decreasing the recoil and making reloading faster.

The Extended Quick Draw Magazine is the best magazine attachment in PUBG Mobile. It not only adds extra ammunition but also allows you to have a faster reload speed.

Obtaining an 8x Scope may be the only challenge when acquiring these attachments. If possible, feel free to replace it with 4x or 6x. These scopes also work great for AWM.

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