Pharaoh X Suit Is Coming Back To PUBG: Mobile With An Upgrade!

The Pharaoh X Suit was the first EVER upgradeable suit in PUBG: Mobile. Now a leak has said that it's coming back with a new level and a new look. Here are all the details, new design, and first impressions!

Pharoah Suit
The Pharaoh X Suit is making a comeback! | © Krafton

The leak comes from infamous leaker Mad Tamizha who posted a picture of the new Pharaoh x Suit in a now-deleted Discord poll and released a video about it on his YouTube channel. It could be coming back as soon as the new update is released.

However, the return of this skin has not been officially confirmed by the developers. There has been talk about this for a while now and it wouldn't be a surprise if this leak is true. If so, we have a few things to unpack especially about the skin's new design and level, how to get it, and how the community has reacted to it. Let's go!

New Level, New Look

For the uninitiated, the Pharaoh x Suit allows players to make cosmetic changes to it with item upgrades. The skin transformed into more intricate designs the further players advanced up each level. These upgrades can be made by using Star Fragments and Star Forge stones.

Pharoah Leak PUBG
This is what the NEW Pharaoh x Suit will look like! | © Mad Tamizha via Discord

With that in mind, the Pharaoh x Suit will get an upgrade from its previous Mythic Level 6 to an Ultimate Level 7. Krafton has refined the design to go for a more blue and white theme. They have also made the overall skin appearance more flamboyant with what seems to be "wings", a bulkier chest plate, and an Emerald gem at the heart of it all.

First Impressions

While a lot of the PUBG: Mobile community welcomes the return of this legendary skin, there has been some negative criticism. That's expected for any new skin in a game. Take Fortnite for example - but I digress.

For starters, players have voiced concerns over the design of the new Level 7 Pharaoh x Suit. Some players mention how it looks like Gundam's character and dislike the direction the game is going. Besides that, players argued that the big helmet and chest plate could block a player's vision. It's a similar issue that cursed the Poseidon x Suit and the M9 50 RP Mythic outfit.

Poseidon Skin
Players have compared the new Pharoah X Suit to the Poseidon X Suit | © Krafton

Most importantly, players believe the devs are merely releasing this skin as a money grab. They have done it before and they certainly will continue doing so. Upgrades will cost a premium and money will be spent for sure. Pair the high costs with what players call a "lazy" design and it's no question why there have been some negative first impressions.

How To Unlock

As we mentioned before, there is no official confirmation that the Pharaoh x Suit will definitely make a return to PUBG: Mobile. So, we newbies who weren't around when the Suit was first released in 2020 still don't have an idea about how we can unlock the skin.

Regardless, if it's the same way to unlock the skin as before, here's how we can expect to get the skin:

  • Lucky Spin
  • A gift from a friend

Besides this, we could expect a new Mummy set dropping besides this new skin. While we wait for the new update, don't forget to claim your monthly rewards. Check it out: