PUBG Mobile: The M13 Royale Pass Has Dropped

A brand new Royale Pass has hit PUBG Mobile featuring some pretty sick skins. Here is everything you need to know about the M13 Royale Pass, including the end date and all cosmetic rewards.

Royale pass m13
The M13 Royale Pass is out now. Here is everything you need to know. | © Krafton

PUBG Mobile is still in the sandy grip of the Ancient Secret season, but that doesn't mean there isn't time for a new Royale Pass full of eclectic cosmetic rewards. With over 50 tiers of rewards, and both a free and premium track, there is something for everyone in the M13 Exo-Genesis Royale Pass.

Out now, the pass features weapon skins, outfits, and plenty of silver, AG, and crates.

For more information, including the end date, cost, and all outfits and weapon skins, keep on reading.

PUBG Mobile M13 Royale Pass - Start And End Date

The M13 Royale Pass is out now, having been released on July 19. The pass will be available for a month, ending on August 18.

There is both a free and premium pass, both of which have 50 tiers of rewards.

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The M13 Royale Pass has plenty of cosmetics for players to unlock. | © Krafton

Players will be able to purchase the pass at any point during the season, which will also unlock all the rewards they would have if they purchased it on day 1. So, if you are currently unsure about whether you want to, you can hold out until later.

How Much Does The M13 Royale Pass Cost?

When purchasing the M13 Royale Pass, you have two options; the Elite Pass or the Elite Pass Plus. The former gives you access to the premium track, elite missions, 15 respect, and 1 Gold Chicken Draw Ticket - this version of the pass costs 360 UC (approx. $5).

The Elite Pass Plus contains everything found in the Elite Pass, but you automatically unlock the first 12 tiers; you get 10 Gold Chicken Draw Tickets, 30 respect weekly, and an exclusive frame and emote. This version of the pass costs 960 UC (approx. $10).

PUBG Mobile M13 Royale Pass - All Weapon Skins And Outfits

There are three outfits and three weapon skins in the M13 Royale Pass, with some in the free track.


There are three colorful outfits to unlock in the M13 Royale Pass. | © Krafton
  • Trendy Hiker Set
  • Football Star Set*
  • Noctum Terror Set


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There are five weapon skins as part of the M13 Royale Pass. | © Krafton
  • Carnivorous - Mini14
  • Chick Pea Smoke Grenade
  • Steam Gear - MK47*
  • Golden Rose - M762*
  • Blue Bramble - Thompson SMG

*Part of the free track.

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