PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M15: Release Date, Rewards, More

PUBG Mobile C3S8 is out, and that means the M15 Royale Pass has also been released. Here is everything you need to know, including the start and end dates, rewards, and more.

M15 Razzle Dazzle PUBG Mobile
The latest Royale Pass, M15: Razzle Dazzle, is out. Here's everything you need to know. | © Krafton

PUBG Mobile got a major update this week, with v2.2 introducing the new Nusa map, a rework of the iconic Erangel, and two new weapons in the shape of the tactical crossbow and NS2000 shotgun.

That update also signaled the imminent release of a new Royale Pass, with M15: Razzle Dazzle introducing an eclectic stash of weapon skins and outfits, among many other rewards.

PUBG Mobile M15 Royale Pass C3S8
Nusa is the latest map to come to PUBG Mobile. | © Krafton

This season's Royale Pass has a few changes too, with the max rank being reduced from 100 to 50.

That doesn't mean there is less content here, just an easier path to unlocking it all. If you want to learn more, including the release date and some of its best rewards, keep on reading.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M15 - Start And End Date

Royale Pass M15: Razzle Dazzle is out now, having been released on September 20.

Royale Passes run for approximately one month, with the end date for Royale Pass M15 being midnight UTC on October 19.

There is both a free and premium track, as well as the Elite Pass Plus, which offers yet more rewards.

Players will be able to purchase the pass at any point during the season, which will also unlock all the rewards they would have if they purchased it on day one. So, if you are currently unsure whether you want to purchase the premium pass, you can hold out until later.

How Much Does Royale Pass M15 Cost?

When purchasing Royale Pass M15, you have two options: the Elite Pass or the Elite Pass Plus. The former gives you access to the premium track, elite missions, 15 respect, and 1 Gold Chicken Draw Ticket - this version of the pass is priced at 360 UC (approx. USD $5).

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M15
Players can purchase two versions of the Royale Pass M15, the Elite Pass and the Elite Pass Plus. | © Krafton

The Elite Pass Plus contains everything found in the Elite Pass, but you also automatically unlock the first 12 tiers; you get 10 Golded Chicken Draw Tickets, 30 giftable respect weekly, and an exclusive frame and emote. This version of the pass costs 960 UC (approx. USD $10).

All Weapon Skins And Outfits

There are three outfits and four weapon skins in Royale Pass M15, with some available in the free track.

Others, like the Luxurious Overlay - UMP45, are part of the Royale Adventure, which is available to players once they reach rank 50 and is effectively an in-game store where you trade supplies for rewards.


  • Martial Master set (*)
  • Groovy Peck set
  • Midas Fortune or Clairvoyant Fox set
PUBG MObile Royale Pass M15 outfits
Reach rank 50, and players will get the choice between the Midas Fortune or Clairvoyant Fox Set. | © Krafton


  • Fairytale Scarecrow - P90 (*)
  • Music Star - Win94
  • Drum Sensation - DP28
  • Luxurious Overlay - UMP45
PUBG Mobile C3s8 M15 royale pass razzle dazzle weapon skins
The weapon skins available in Royale Pass M15: Razzle Dazzle. | © Krafton

*Part of the free track.

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