Rainbow Six Mobile: All Game Modes

In this guide, we show you all the available Rainbow Six Mobile game modes, what they are about, and the modes that have been offered in the past.

Rainbow six mobile game modes
We will dive into all of the game modes that Rainbow Six Mobile has to offer. | © Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Mobile looks to take Siege's team-based, gadget-heavy, tactical shooter and bring it to the small screen. If you have already jumped into a match, it's safe to say that Ubisoft has succeeded in those aims.

The game has the operators, the weaponry, the maps, and the destruction you have come to expect from the franchise. All of this has been migrated into a mobile-friendly control scheme that manages to keep all the potential chaos functional.

Another feature that the Rainbow Six Mobile developers look to replicate from Siege is introducing limited-time game modes to keep the action fresh. Ubisoft has introduced a good mix of both classic and new modes that are perfect for those looking for a hardcore or casual experience.

All Rainbow Six Mobile Game Modes

There are five game modes in Rainbow Six Mobile: Secure Area, Secure or Endur, Bomb, Team Deathmatch, and Blast Pit.

In their standard configuration, all game modes are team-based 5v5 games played as a best-of-three.

Secure Area

Secure Area Rainbow Six Mobile
Secure Area is one of the most exciting game modes in the Rainbow Six franchise. | © Ubisoft

In Secure Area, attackers must locate the room housing the biohazard container and hold the position for 10 consecutive seconds. Defenders must stop this from happening by maintaining a presence within the room. Defenders are notified when the attackers start securing the area. The timer will stop and become contested should a defender enter the room.

If the round timer ends and the objective is still contested, the round will go into overtime, which will continue until either side is no longer in the objective room.

The match will end if the attackers secure the area, the round timer expires, or all players on a team have been eliminated.

Secure Or Endure

Rainbow Six Mobile Secure
Secure or Endure is a spin on the Secure Area game mode. | © Ubisoft

Secure or Endure follows similar rules to Secure Area, but only has two rounds with both teams targeting the same room.

Players can respawn, but as the round progresses, Defenders must wait a longer respawn time. Respawning does not refill any gadgets.

The fastest team to secure the objective during their turn on the Attacker side will win the match. If neither team accomplishes this, the team with the most kills wins. If both teams end on the same number of kills, then the team who got the First Blood wins.


Rainbow six mobile 2
Bomb is one of Rainbow Six Mobile's core game modes. | © Ubisoft

In Bomb, the attackers must find the room in the map that contains the two bombs. The aim is to defuse the bomb by planting the defuser. Bomb sites are typically they are placed in rooms next to each other or nearby. However, some maps feature split bomb sites, in which the site will be split between floors.

At the start of each round, the defuser is carried by the player who volunteers to take possession of it. The defuser can be dropped by the holder or is automatically dropped if the holder is killed, at which point all other teammates may pick it up.

Once planted, the defuser will take 45 seconds to disarm the bomb. The attackers win the round if they can defuse one of the two bombs or if the enemy team is eliminated.

The defenders must prevent the attackers from activating the defuser or disable the defuser that has already been activated. The defenders can win by destroying the defuser after it has been planted or eliminating the attackers before they're able to plant the defuser.

Team Deathmatch

Secure Area Rainbow Six Mobile
Team Deathmatch is a classic mode in any FPS title. | © Ubisoft

In Team Deathmatch, two teams of five players battle it out to score the most amount of kills within a timeframe. With respawning enabled, death no longer counts as an instant elimination from participating further in the game.

The first team to reach 20 kills or have the most kills when the countdown expires will win the match.

Team Deathmatch offers a gaming experience suited to casual players. It will be available on weekdays.

Blast Pit

Blast Pit follows Team Deathmatch rules. However, players can only use impact grenades that come with infinite ammo.

Players can only choose the Recruit as an Operator. Meanwhile, all Operators run like a lightweight class and have reduced health - 50 HP, to be exact - so any hit from a nearby grenade will be an instant kill.

All Rainbow Six Mobile Limited-Time Game Modes

Several game modes have been available in Rainbow Six Mobile for a limited time. After which, they have become unavailable in the current version of the game.

The limited-time game modes included Veteran, Quickplay, and Happy Hour.

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Veteran game mode rainbow six mobile
The Veteran game mode ran every weekend during the closed beta. | © Ubisoft

The Veteran game mode is for the hardcore Rainbow Six Mobile fan.

Gone are the red enemy outlines that help make seeing those peering through cracks easier. Match lengths have been increased, with the best-of-three becoming a best-of-five.

Matchmaking is also deliberately longer, with a focus on matching players with as many real-world players as possible. Players' MMR is also not taken into consideration.


Quickplay 3
Quickplay ran on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the closed beta. | © Ubisoft

Quickplay is the polar opposite of Veteran and offers a more casual experience.

Quickplay offers quicker matchmaking, best-of-one matches instead of best-of-three, with totally random modes and maps.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is less a game mode and more an opportunity, with players potentially able to match and play with the Rainbow Six Mobile developers.

These variant limited-time game modes are likely just the start. Rainbow Six Siege has a long history of unique limited-time modes, often tied to real-world holidays like Halloween and including an assortment of cosmetics.

As the development of Rainbow Six Mobile progresses, players can expect more substantial game modes in the future.

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