Omega Strikers Codes (September 2023): Free Emotes, Skins, Items & Rewards

You can get free emotes, skins, and more rewards with these new Omega Strikers codes.

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We show you all the codes that you can use in Omega Strikers. | © Odyssey Interactive

Omega Strikers is the popular free-to-play 3v3 soccer game that has made quite a splash after it was released. In it, you'll control a character with special abilities as you compete with another team to score the most goals. Despite this simple explanation, the game is more than just that and takes skill and strategy.

Though winning is key in a game like Omega Strikers, doing so in style is equally important. You can purchase cosmetics like skins, emotes, and more to customize your characters. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to get the resources to unlock cosmetics.

That's where codes come in. They're incredibly helpful tools the devs usually release that you can use in Omega Strikers to claim free rewards.

Here are the latest Omega Strikers codes in September 2023.

How To Use Omega Strikers Codes

Omega Strikers Codes
This is how you can use Omega Strikers codes. | © Odyssey Interactive

Codes must be claimed from within the game itself. To use Omega Strikers codes, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Omega Strikers.
  2. Go to the Store.
  3. Select the Coupon menu.
  4. Enter your code of choice in the coupon box.
  5. Press Submit to redeem your rewards.

After you complete these steps, the rewards will be instantly sent to your in-game account.

New Omega Strikers Codes (September 2023)

Omega Strikers Active Codes
An overview of all the active codes in Omega Strikers. | © Odyssey Interactive

Here are the active Omega Strikers codes:

  • Pride – Blobbo pride nameplate.
  • MoistVS – Creator skin
  • RakinVS – Creator skin
  • LilyVS – Creator skin
  • 5UP – 5up emote
  • ASU – ASU Esports Association emote
  • BLAU – Blau3 emote
  • BOSTON – Boston College Gaming emote
  • BRUINGG – Bruin Gaming emote
  • CHICO – Chico emote
  • CMU – CMU emote
  • CODE – Placeholder2 emote
  • COMFY – Lily emote
  • COOG – COOG emote
  • DRLUPO – DrLupo emote
  • DUCKY – Ducky emote
  • DUSSELDORF – Dusseldorf emote
  • DYRUS – Dyrus emote
  • ENVIOSITY – Enviosity emote
  • ESPORTSFS – Esports Club at Florida State emote
  • ETSU – ETSU emote
  • FGCU – FGCU emote
  • GARDENSTATE – Garden State Esports emote
  • GCU – GCU Esports emote
  • GEORGIATECH – GT Esport emote
  • HAFU – Hafu emote
  • HAMBURGER – Hamburger emote
  • HARRISBURG – Harrisburg University of Science and Technology emote
  • IEN – IEN emote
  • IHSEA – IHSEA Esports emote
  • ILLINI – Illini Esports emote
  • KEAN – Kean University emote
  • KING – King emote
  • LESLERS – Fuslie emote
  • LIBERTY – Liberty Esports emote
  • MOIST – Moist emote
  • MSSTATE – Mississippi State University Esports emote
  • NECRIT – Placeholder emote
  • NEMU – Nemu emote
  • NINER – NINER emote
  • NVCC – Northern Virginia Community College emote
  • NWCIOWA – Northwestern College emote
  • OHIOSTATE – Ohio State University emote
  • HNORTHERN – Ohio Northern University Esports emote
  • OKWESLEYAN – Oklahoma Wesleyan University emote
  • ONIGRI – Onigri emote
  • PURDUE – Purdue University Gamers Group emote
  • RAKIN – Rakin emote
  • RAYDITZ – Rayditz emote
  • RUTGERS – Rutgers Esports emote
  • RWU – Roger Williams University emote
  • SHERIDAN – Sheridan Esports emote
  • SLIPPERYROCK – Slippery Rock Esports emote
  • SPARTANS – Spartans emote
  • STCLAIR – Saint Clair University Esports emote
  • STLOUIS – Saint Louis University Esports emote
  • SYKKUNO – Sykkuno emote
  • TACO – IKeepItTaco emote
  • TEMPLE – Temple Esports emote
  • TNTECH – TNTECH emote
  • TORI – Tori emote
  • TRITON – TRITON emote
  • TUONTO – Tuonto emote
  • TXST – TXST Esports emote
  • UBC – UBC emote
  • UCF – UCF Esports emote
  • UCSB – UCSB emote
  • UNCCH – UNC Chapel Hill Esports emote
  • UOTTAWA – uOttawa Esports emote
  • UWRF – UWRF Esports emote
  • UWSTOUT – UW Stout Esports emote
  • VIENNA – Vienna emote
  • WATERLOO – Waterloo Warriors emote
  • WILDCATS – Wildcats emote
  • WINTHROP – Winthrop University emote

Be sure to use these codes as soon as possible as they're only available in the game for a limited time.

  • We know that playing action games like Omega Strikers on mobile can be challenging on mobile, so if you're looking to get more dexterity, then we recommend using a clip-on mobile phone game controller.

Expired Omega Strikers Codes

Here's a list of the expired Omega Strikers codes:

  • There are currently no expired Omega Strikers codes.

These codes can no longer be used to claim any in-game rewards. We will update this section once any active codes expire.

Where To Get More Omega Strikers Codes

Omega Strikers Where To Find Codes
Find more Omega Strikers codes on the game's socials. | © Odyssey Interactive

You can find more Omega Strikers codes on the game's social media platforms. These include:

Omega Strikers doesn't have a Facebook or Instagram page, so Twitter is the only page where the devs are consistently active besides YouTube and Twitch.

Alternatively, you can save this page as we regularly update this page once more codes are made available.

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